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Sunday, February 12, 2012


Yes, sweetie. For you I will spend 15 minutes wrestling 11 overtightened screws from a toy in order to fetch the beloved trinket you stuck inside it and could not get out. And I will spend the rest of my evening figuring out all the springs, levers and wires that sprung out of the toy when I opened its casing.

To fetch your plastic heart, I give you my real heart.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

President Grant Says, "Hi, Ladies..."

Utah has been hosting a BAYOOTIFULL winter! The weather has been mild, and I have opened my windows many a days to let the fresh air permeate my house. As a result, I am in a really good mood this season and am giving away money!

If you would like a chance at winning a $50 bill from me, you'll want to go RIGHT HERE for details. I've opened up the drawing to any woman currently residing in the United States who thinks they would like an extra $50 to use in any fashion they desire.

These days have been a little unusual with work, so this is how I have been using $50 lately:
  • Babysitting so I can work, so I can rest, and so I can date. (My husband being the date.)(Most of the time.) (Just kidding, sweetie!)
  • A body massage. I love getting massages. Now, I just need to learn to shut up during sessions. It turns out there isn't much difference in how much I talk regardless of how much clothes I'm wearing.
  • Gasoline. Each fill-up costs about $50, where it used to be in the 30-dollar range. I feel really old every time I bring up that I can remember paying 90-something CENTS per gallon of gas. I sound just like old people who reminisce about penny candy.
  • Paper! Technically, it's color copies of documents and flyers, but when I look at the receipt, I think, "Fifty bucks. On paper."
  • Giveaways. I can do it because I have it. Isn't sharing, fun?

I recall when $50 meant eating for two weeks or not at all. Now, it's spent on paper that I GIVE AWAY. Is there something wrong with that picture? Not as long as I provide a value for others and I continue to be grateful for the blessings I receive!

What does $50 mean to you today?