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Thursday, December 1, 2011

What's round, orange, and splattered all over?

What were we doing in this beautiful field picking pumpkins several days after Thanksgiving? They were too big to hang on the Christmas tree for ornaments. They didn't fit in any of the stockings. The only use left was...

That's right, baby!

When David and I were dating, one of our dates took place at an indoor shooting range. David had a couple of .22 rifles and thought it would be fun to take his special girl shooting. Little did he know that I had some marksmanship experience in high school on the Army JROTC Rifle Team. I was outshooting him when he realized that the sights on the rifle I was using weren't even set up. I'M THAT FREAKIN' AWESOME! That should have been his first sign to run the other way, alas, he thought that was kinda hot.

Anyhoo... back to last week... One of David's co-workers mentioned a fundraising shooting event and David was all over that like stink on poop. (Woah- where'd that come from? See what happens when I get around firearms?? I channel 3rd grade bathroom humor.)

Left to right:
A friend's AR-15, David's 9mm pistol, and Dave's co-worker's "sniper" rifle with scope.
My favorite to use was the rifle with scope. It was SO NICE to be able to see the pumpkins I was killing the next state over. (My apologies, Colorado.)

The first pumpkin I hunted down with the scope above is on the board, 4th one from the right. What? You can't see it? Possibly, it is because I BLEW IT TO SMITHEREENS!!

My second most enjoyable moment was when it was time to leave and I decided to quickly empty out the rest of the rounds from the AR-15 into an unsuspecting pumpkin and served up some Pumpkin Pie a'la Rat-a-tat-tat. That was so freakin' cool and totally made me look like a hot gun chick with all the adoring male fans at the range. (Back off, boys, this one is armed with a wedding band!)

This tough chick will admit... it took me about 10 minutes to get used to all the weapons at the range. Everyone was firing from pump air rifles to shotguns to small cannons. It was crazy ridiculous and every fiber in my body wanted to run away from the loud booms. After that, I had a great time!

And I'm not saying I outshot David (again). That's between me and the pumpkins.

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Kristen said...

I'm afraid. And I like it.