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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Garden Tour 2011

Top of the morning! What a beautiful day! Let me give you a tour of the garden.

Here's some of the food Mommy gathered this morning.

We got a couple watermelons thinking about getting big.
Mommy is not pleased with what the aphids have been doing in her Brussels sprouts.

Two of my favorite things are doing my own hair and harvesting the green balls.

Our corn stalks are huge! They're even taller than me!

Mommy has been working on growing 3-legged carrots.

But I think I will stick with the regular old variety.


Heidi said...

I have never had any luck with carrots. I've been tempted to go peek in your garden lately, thanks for the tour. I'd hate to have you come chase me down thinking I'm stealing your carrots!

Adhis said...

I had a dream that some woman was nonchalantly going to everyone's gardens and taking what she wanted. Made me so mad!

I think you'd be disappointed with my little plot. I have largely (inadvertently) ignored it as a result of all the things in my schedule. I vow to get better at this in the coming years.

It's my first year growing onions and they seem to be doing great! I hope yours are, too.

Kristen said...

It looks beautiful! Well done. Greg likes harvesting green balls too.

Kristen said...

(ps - Heidi does steal things but she also leaves a confession note.)

Chastina said...

It's fun to go to the garden and find a little fresh produce.