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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The Falsely Accused Rich

Politics is not an interest of mine. Neither is knitting.

Still, some of the things discussed in politics don't make sense AT ALL to me, while at least in knitting, I can see that some of the complicated loop-de-loops at least create a pretty design.

I do not understand why the increasing population of people living below the poverty line is blamed on those considered wealthy. I must have missed the breaking news report of the Rich People Gang who in one fall swoop went among this country's cities, cornered unsuspecting citizens, and snatched their wallets.

Wealth is not some finite pie in which if one takes a piece it automatically means someone else won't get any. Where the heck did we get this idea?

Last I checked, there has been no law limiting the number of people who are allowed to start their own businesses or side jobs. There has also been no limit placed on how many inventions can be invented and placed in the marketplace. There has been no cap on the number of people the military branches will accept into their fold. I've yet to see a library that has neared the occupancy limit posted on its wall and thus forced to keep some of its patrons from educating themselves.

The old image of rich fat cats sitting in penthouse meeting rooms puffing on cigars as they plan the destruction of the common man is so archaic, but it seems that there are still people and political pundits who believe Mr. Dawes Sr. of Dawes Tomes Mousley Grubbs Fidelity Fiduciary Bank is indeed yanking out the few dollars left in their little hands.

Even if the wealthy are taking advantage of tax deductions for their businesses, it still does not TAKE from the poor and middle classes. So why blame the rich for what the other economic classes do not have?

First off, most people who are rich today were not born rich. That means they are self-made rich. This means they started out as middle- or lower-class and moved UP. How did they get there?

Second, I've heard people argue that the rich pay lower tax rates than middle class members. They yell this loud and clear but fail to point out that the rich still pay most of the taxes in the United States. The top 25% of the U.S. population pay 85% of the taxes while the bottom 50% of income earners pay 3% of the taxes. Who is paying their fair share?

Stop blaming "those greedy rich people" for the poor's and the middle classes' ailments; they are already paying for services and programs which they will never use and paying into a Social Security program from which they will never receive checks. The rich GIVE a lot to this country's citizens in taxes, in jobs, and in charitable donations. I fail to see how they take anything away at all.

Oh wait, I will concede on one point. Rich people do profit off others when the poor and middle class ignorantly purchase whatever gadget/fad/shoe/car/toy is marketed to them. But still, it isn't the rich who open the poor's wallet in the first place.


Wendy said...

Amen, amen and amen. You're smart and awesome. It's a good combination.

Heidi said...

Thanks! Jeramy and I just read your post over breakfast and had a great conversation. But, why must you pick on the rich like me?

Kristen said...

Agree!!!! We live in a society of entitlement. I deserve as much money as that CEO because... I have a pulse. Right.

Bennet said...

Completely agree with everything but one point. There is a cap on the number of people the military will accept. A friend of mine's husband is a recruiter, and he's has been turning away people left and right lately. The crappy economy is leading to a lot more people trying to sign up, and there's not enough spots for all of them.

Adhis said...

I agree there are quotas filled per area, but I've not seen all of the branches fill up at once in every area. If the Army fills up, there's always the Marines, the Navy, the Air Force, the Guard...

Lyns said...

I love this. That is all. :)

lisapants said...

I totally agree, and I'm glad you are able to put my thoughts into actual words that make sense and everything. Thanks for sharing!

Katie said...

I think one relevant piece of the story is that many wealthy people (certainly not all) are employing many of their workers at minimum wage, or close to it. My ideal is having one parent stay at home, so that leaves one worker per family. If s/he only works regular full-time hours (40 hours/week), that's $1250/month gross. How should a family live off that, especially in areas where rent is more expensive than around here?

As you mentioned, anyone can start their own business. True. But it is more difficult to have enough resources for start-up when living on $1250/month.

Perhaps the answer is that the minimum wage jobs should be left to those not supporting families, but I think we have an imbalance in the country, where there are far more minimum wage jobs than high school/college students/retirees.

I'm (trying to be) a prosperity-minded person. These problems do trouble me though, as you saw on my video this week at thecarolblog. I'm not trying to tear down your prosperity, and I'm not sure what the answers are.

mayavadi said...

If only it could be so simple and black and white, as if everything's hunky dory with the status quo...the truth is, it's NOT..

Adhis said...

Mayavadi... if it could be so simple and black and white as if everything's wrong with the wealthy and how they earn their money. The truth is it is not.

Do you really want to be a part of the status quo? Why not create your own reality?