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Monday, September 5, 2011

Camp Floyd

I had never, ever, ever heard of Camp Floyd, and it is less than a half hour from the house I've lived in for the last 7 years. My husband has apparently been aware of it for some time and this past weekend suggested we go out there for a family activity on this Labor Day.

 I found it most amusing that this place is exactly the thing one would see in a campy movie about a family going on vacation too see random off-route sites: old men in Union uniforms, preteens complaining about not wanting to participate in "dumb" activities, and regular town folks helping out at the local attraction.

My favorite thing hands down was watching my LilDhis as a Union soldier in training. She had no idea what was going on except that she was getting to wear a hat. That was all that was important! Once outfitted, we just stuck her in the line with the other "soldiers" to see what would happen.

Third from the left, she is the tiniest soldier learning military drills.

(Ignore my chuckling-- that's how I sound when I'm trying not to laugh. I did not want to gain the disdain of the instructor, who seemed to be taking his job quite seriously.)

In another video, she decides to march behind the drill instructor instead of in line with her comrades. She was so much fun to watch. I was also surprised that she stuck with the instruction as long as she did.

She was issued a weapon. But soon thereafter, she happened to look past the drill instructor and noticed the playground on the far side of the field.

"Swing!" she exclaimed, and the hat and uniform came off.

The rest of the activities were viewed from the playset.

  David and I recently decided to act on our impressions to go on random family outings and share in a variety of experiences. Thanks, Honey, for helping Mommy to also stretch out of her comfort zone!


Heather said...

As crazy as I may sound, this looks fun. Glad to see you are getting out almost in the wilderness like you wanted to. Lil Adhis cracks me up, love the dressed up photos!!

Chastina said...

What fun! I loved watching her in the video. She did really good.