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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Expo Giveaway: Locals Only!

I've always preferred markers over chalk but have settled for crayons and colored pencils for my daughter because of the obvious potential damage when you mix kids and ink. But guess what? Expo has come out with washable dry erase markers!

Expo sent me a box filled with supplies which I was going to use to host a Pictionary party and bar-b-que, but wouldn't you know it, my husband will be out of town during the party date. So, lucky friends, I'm giving these away! I've been giving them away at my kid's party, at afternoon playgroup, and I still have 5 of these packs left!

Each pack contains:
~ a package of broad tip markers
~ a package of bullet tip markers
~ a dry erase board eraser
~ a 9"x12" double-sided dry erase board (one side blank, the other lined)

Sorry, this giveaway is for locals only so I can drop the pack off to you ASAP or so you can come pick one up from me.

If you want one, leave me a comment and promise me that when you receive this kit, you will email me a photo of you and/or your kids using the markers so I can show Expo that I did not just hoard these cool markers for myself!

If you already received a pack from me, send me a photo too! Email photos by Sunday, June 12 to adhisblog @ gmail. com!


Englishfam said...

I would love some! Also not too far for you to travel. :)

Heidi said...

Totally want some! My girls have a dry erase board that needs new markers!

Janet said...

We would love it!

Bennet said...

Yes please!!

ngaire_white said...

ill take one, you can drop it off at my mums house (laurel white). please ngaire briscoe

Katy said...

My kids would LOVE this! I'd be happy to come by and take one off your hands. :-)

kristen said...

How fun. How did you get hooked up with all the free stuff. I know you said there were only five left and there are six names before mine but if someone does not pick thiers up i will take one. If not no biggy!!

Kat said...

Looks like you are good to go Adhis! Good luck while your hunny is gone!

Adhis said...

Alrighty- they've all been delivered!
Please, remember to send me a photo of you and/or your kids enjoying your new supplies.

Kristen, the Expo company was looking for popular bloggers and when they came across my blog they said, "Holy Cow! She's got like TEN READERS! Send her one of the BIG packs!"

OK, no, that's not what happened. I applied to host a party for them through and got picked, along with hundreds of other people. I wish Dave would have stayed in town; we would have had a GREAT Pictionary party and BBQ using these!

Bennet said...

I got mine -thanks! I'm about to email you a pic too.

Heidi said...

I'm even writing you a blog post...come steal some pics!

Adhis said...

Heidi, what day will you publishing the blog post?