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Thursday, February 17, 2011

a different kind of valentine

I know life is at a different stage when my Valentine wish is to go grocery shopping without the kids. Seriously, nothing so LIBERATING as pushing a grocery cart down a store aisle without having to stop at every other soup can to convince a 2-year-old to sit back down in the basket. It's an AMAZING experience to have a shopping list propped up on the seat of the cart without having to pull bits of it from the drooling mouth of a 9-month-old!

FREEDOM and groceries!

That's is exactly what David gives me Saturday morning. It is BEAUTIFUL. The music over the loudspeakers never sounded so CLEAR. The chill from the dairy section never felt so INVIGORATING. Time in the produce department is a REJUVENATING stroll through a garden.

HEAVEN on earth.
(If everything in Heaven is value-priced.)

Then, I come home. David is gone the rest of the day. But he does bring home a Cold Stone ice cream sundae in a waffle cup which is dipped in white chocolate and drizzled with chocolate. He is QUITE THE GUY to drive home with a sundae in his hand for 9½ miles without taking one little bite!

Monday morning, I have two girls with runny noses as David leaves for work. Never fear! My prince king returns to me and CARRIES ME OFF to a Valentine lunch date at Harvest Restaurant, where we enjoy DELICIOUS foods. (Mmmmm.... Rock Shrimp Nachos, if I weren't married already...)

The King and I are fully PLEASED with our meals, but instead of departing Thanksgiving Point, we find ourselves in the ice cream parlor where we order a PALATIAL banana split. Halfway through, David backs away from dessert. I call him a wuss. By the end of my gluttony, I regret my earlier GUSTO.

I am returned HOME, and spend the rest of the day with chubby HUGS and KISSES while David reports again to work for a few hours. When he returns to US, we have no DESIRE for dinner. Our stomachs are FULL, as are our HEARTS.


Kristen said...

Aw. What a perfect valentine.

Would said ice cream parlor happen to be Chubby's? I have dreams about Chubby's sometimes. Yes, I really do. It represents a time in my life that was much simpler, when I dreamed of a future full of kids. And. Here I am. And all I want now is Chubby's. =o)

(That's the kind of thing I write right before midnight and then regret it in the morning.)

Sweet dreams! And aside from my detour, I loved your post. I like that you are still here. =o)

Heidi said...

So awesome! I got to go to Kohl's for an hour alone and I had those same feelings that you did. Pure bliss. I blogged it, but forgot to post it, now it won't be as cool because you beat me to it. :(

Adhis said...

Oh, Heidi. Go ahead and do it! Your pantry post has inspired me to show mine. Well, it hasn't posted yet, but it will!

Amannda Ashby said...

It is so funny to read this. I remember sending Bonnie off to preschool and going to the store and feeling like myself. A normal person just shopping. Not some crazy lady trying to keep kids from touching things, running away, and sitting down, so that we could just get done and go home. only once did I actuallly have a child fall out of a shopping cart. The thud was loud, but no bleeding. I explained to the child after knowing that we would not be needing to make a trip to the emergency room. "How many times did I tell you NOT to stand up." Only a mother that has gone grocery shopping with children can understand the wonderful feeling to go grocery shopping ALONE!

I love the way you are able to describe how so many other Mothers have probalby felt, or are looking forward to one day feeling.