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Saturday, January 1, 2011

The Christmas Table

After borrowing chairs from a neighbor to fit our little nieces around a borrowed kid table for Thanksgiving, and seeing how much my two-year-old enjoyed sitting in a chair sized for her, I knew what we would get our daughter for a Christmas gift.

A few clicks here and there, comparing styles, durability and prices and I found just the right child-sized table and chairs. They were on eBay. In California. Pick up only. This meant the seller would not ship them. I was in Utah. I was bummed.

The thing with "pick-up only" items is that those eBay auctions usually have a range of zero to 2 bidders since eBay shoppers are spread all over the globe. The table and chairs had one bid. That bidder was going to get a bargain.

I tried ignoring the listing and found other options on Craigslist, but they were either trashy or more expensive or too big. (I did find someone selling this good-looking Pottery Barn set [including the chairs!], at a great price [they paid $800, were selling for $120 or so], but still more than I had budgeted and, at 5 feet long, definitely too big for my girl's room. But, oh, so tempting!)

I kept coming back to the eBay listing. Pick-up only. I looked at the city. Lake Elsinore.

My mind went all a'buzzy. I only knew one person in Lake Elsinore, "knew" as in we had been in the same online forum for a few years. We had met a couple times. Taking a chance, I looked her up on Facebook and messaged her. By jove, one of her sons was driving to Utah! With an EMPTY moving truck! She told me to go ahead and bid on the table set.

The bidding was a whole other issue. David and I were on the freeway in Salt Lake City, away from internet access, when the auction was ending, and I had to call a handful of people before I got a hold of someone who happened to be at their computer and I could trust with my eBay account and password so they could place the bid for me! (That person made up for her being inconvenienced by giving me a mini-panic attack when she counted down the auction end and yelled "Ohhh! You've been outbid!") (Ha.Ha. Very amusing, little sister.)

After some post-auction correspondence, the seller realized my internet friend lived rather close to them and dropped off the table and chairs at her house. My friend's son picked up the set and brought it to Provo, Utah in the empty moving truck. Another of her sons picked up the set from Provo and drove it to his home, a mere 11 miles from my house!

Yes, I believe in miracles.

On Christmas morning...
Little Adhis was coming down the stairs when she sensed something magic was happening. She saw the table and chairs and said, "Look!"

"Look! Look!" she said, I don't know how many times.
She then proceeded to sit in each chair around the table.

The rest of us were then called to join her at her table.

I love my little family.


Lyns said...

Love the Christmas Table story. There is nothing like getting a good deal for something you really want! (er, something that your daughter wants). Your kids gift could be straight out of the 50's too! It's not electronic right?

Amannda Ashby said...

So fun. I think that is what christmas is really all about. People helping other people. That is what brings the magic into each of our lives. Someone doing little things that are big things to someone else.

Kristen said...

Awww! Way to go Mom! Christmas gets better every year. Kids are the best best best thing in the world. I love your pictures, especially "look" and the baby on the chair. A very special memory for sure.

I like that it's a gift that will inspire creativity instead of something that will be lost or forgotten in a month. Everybody's happy!

Katy said...

I love it. Way to go, Adhis.

Kat said...

This is the coolest story ever! I love how your miracle totally worked out. You were meant to have the table for little Adhis! :) What a great Christmas story to remember.