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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Random To-Do List

  • buy thermals for a paragliding launch next week
  • call the paragliders to confirm
  • call the babysitter to confirm
  • schedule impromptu family photo shoot for Monday
  • delete all data from two cell phones

  • the carpet cleaners come in the morning
  • at the same time that I am supposed to pick up produce at the co-op
  • at the same time my husband is supposed to be at a ping-pong tournament

Also, my husband told me today his job will be sending him to Puerto Rico for two weeks. And "oh, by the way", he is actually getting up at 5:30am this Saturday to go raccoon hunting.


This is not our life. Whose life is this???


Kristen said...

Our thoughts make up our actions,
our actions make up our habits,
our habits make up our character,
our character makes up our destiny.

If you want it to be your life, then yes it is! Enjoy!

If you don't want it to be your life, then stop doing it. Just stop.

Your list is rather entertaining.

Adhis said...

Now, don't be going around revealing part of my lessons!

Also, not sure I want raccoons and ping-pong as permanent fixtures of my life.

Kristen said...

Lessons? I got that out of my YW manual last Sunday. =o)

Kristen said...

Oops I didn't mean to do it twice. Don't make it visible - or this. =o)

Utah_Dave said...

Actually, I'm leaving at 5:00 am to go raccoon hunting.

Adhis said...

Also, the list doesn't include the "usual" from Adhis, like waxing cheese and ordering class materials.

Lyns said...

Nice. Definitely different than my list, although I did just teach about that quote that Kristen mentioned up above. SO maybe your destiny is to be a paraglider!

Kristen said...

Oh YAY, you commented this morning which means you survived!

Adhis said...

That remains to be seen. We go paragliding Thanksgiving morning.

Kristen said...


Kat said...

Good luck with all your stuff! Especially the paragliding. YIKES! :) And I sure hope that Dave wasn't wearing those shorty shorts that I have seen the ping-pongers wear. That would truly be a scary sight. LOL :)