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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Corrections to the Depression

I've been thinking about my post about an economic depression. Is anyone having fun yet?!

Wouldn't it be way FUNNER if the government stopped bailing businesses out? Then, people could stop with the false sense that all is as it has been and start making their adjustments to wearing paperboy hats and hanging laundry out on a line. No one would feel the pressure to pretend they have more money than they do. We could again start using cash from our mattresses to pay for purchases and when the money ran out, we'd stop buying stuff. Isn't that a clever idea?
We could also do co-op everything! Not just cleaning co-op or food co-op, but also babysitting co-op, errand co-op, dinner co-op, and pedicure co-op. And for the over-initiated, maybe even a co-op co-op!

Speaking of... One of the reasons I enjoy participating in the Bountiful Baskets grocery co-op is because each week they include some item that I do not regularly (or ever) purchase on my own, such as artichoke or eggplant or canary melon or acorn squash or table grapes. Every time I figure out what to do with the food, I feel more confident that I could feed my family no matter what commodity I was left with in harsh economic conditions. Of course, that's assuming I still have access to Google and recipe searches during said calamity.

Since my original post two years ago, neighbors have come and gone and come. Therefore, I will now add to my list of people I call dibs on (please, refer to my old list to know who I already have claim on) should our country be allowed to experience an economic depression:
I call dibs on Amanda Howells for her square foot gardening know-how, Megan Knorpp for her chicken-raising prowess, Heather English for her heathen hooligans to cause mayhem for those who think to trespass my storage shelter, Mariah Fralick for her creative food storage cuisine, and Tracie Goettig to sew us some fashionable frocks. I also call dibs on whomever moves into the house behind mine since it currently sits on a glorious field of dandelions to make enough gorgeous salads to sustain me and my staff through the Millennium.

Also since my original post, Jason Mraz has ruined the allure of the straw fedora for the aged population, so as a reminiscent old woman, I will resort simply to regaling my grandchildren with stories of the old days as I pick shriveled buds off my rose shrub out front whilst wearing a polyester dress tucked into the back of my pantyhose.

Government, get out of the business of bailing little Johnny from his oopsies! A real economic adjustment would be fun.


Sheree said...

I was just writing a post about this today! I agree, trading, or co-ops is a great way to get through times when cash is hard to come by.

Lyns said...

You have such a way with words! (A good way). What's up with the dandelions? Shouldn't the HOA be taking care of this???? :) I'm sure it is spreading into my yard AND your yard, but luckily we have that dandelion salad. Who knew?

Jackie said...

there's a such thing as dandelion salad?

Marcella said...

I have heard dandelion jam is good too! Supposed to be AMAZINGLY healthy for you. I'll try it if you do! :)

Kristen said...

So you have dibs on people who will bail YOU out. Interesting.

Adhis said...

I'm calling dibs on first alliances with them. I have wheat and cheese. Remember?

Englishfam said...

We will offer you our protection, in return we want some dandelion salad...don't even think about hopping my fence either. ;)