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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Body Angry

Body, I promised you my sugar binges were just to get me through the pregnancy. I shrugged off the warnings of its addictive tendencies. I thought I could outwit it this time. I have been strong in its face before. I got cocky.

You spoke up. You objected, but I drowned out your voice. You slowly gave in and now fiercely pay for my misdeeds. I toyed with fire, and you've been burned. Your friend Spirit has suffered and gone.

Your muscles have been hurting, your lungs have lost strength, your mind has lost sleep, your skin has been stretched. Spirit was cramped from sharing space with these aches. Crankiness and creekiness left it gasping for Air.

No more runs for suppliers this month. I promise I will wrestle addiction with you and win the maiden Spirit. I will allow tremors and mood swings to shake off these shackles. I will allow the weight of abstinence snuff out longing. I will allow the battle to rack my habits. I will allow cleansing to begin. I will let you heal and regain strength. I will allow rest to ease your pains.

And Spirit will return through your doors and say, "I am home again."


Sarah said...

That was beautiful.

Kristen said...

Yeah that's one way of saying it.

I say,"Crap I got fat and now I'm hooked. No more!"

And then I starting eating what my 2-year-old daughter ate. Not a bite more. It worked! (There were some days I wished she ate more.)

Jackie said...

tee hee, you said "cocky".

No but seriously, good luck with that. You know about my relationship with sweets.I hear ya.