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Friday, September 24, 2010

This must be what delicious hell is like

TWO ice cream trucks roaming the same street at the SAME time.
No, they were not playing the same jingle.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

if it matters

Ever wonder if what you do matters?

Like being at home, cooped up away from the sun and adult conversation to care for little people who have not yet learned how to say "thank you"?

Like typing up meeting minutes and newsletters that no one reads?

Like writing blog posts for a blog that no one visits?

Like making gestures of friendship to a person who shows no interest in being nice?

Like doing laundry that will again be done the following day?

Like going to bed early knowing you will still wake up tired?

Like exercising even though your pants keep getting tighter?

Like reading scriptures even though your heart still feels weighed down?

Like pinching pennies even though they are already squealing?

Like keeping calm when someone is yelling at you even though you feel like crying?

Like cooking meals your kids may or may not feed to the table legs?

Like standing up for what you know to be true even though you will be mocked?

Does what you do matter?

Yes. It does.

Maybe there will be no evidence of it today. And probably no evidence tomorrow. But if you keep doing the righteous things with integrity and consistency, the results will appear when gestation is complete. What seems microscopic now is growing. Undetectably perhaps, but it is growing. The consistent deed grows exponentially until one day (soon? later?) it reaches momentum and proof explodes undeniable that, yes, what you do matters.

Keep being. Keep doing. Keep at it. You matter and your work matters.