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Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Tinkle, tinkle, Little Dhis.
How much longer will it be
before you will pee in there
instead of your underwear?
Tinkle, tinkle, Little Dhis,
How much longer will it be?


Jen said...

She's going to appreciate these when she's older.

Marcella said...

Oh ADHIS! GOOD LUCK!!! I feel for you! It is tough stuff isn't it! She is too cute! I love that last picture of her with that big smile! If you think she is ready hang in there! You both can do it!!!

Linds said...

LOL! I feel your pain... We're potty training my youngest girl too. Ack. Good luck!

Kristen said...

She's soooooo little. Yeah I know, we were all potty trained when we were 18 months. But I think that just like car seats and ipecac syrup, times have changed. But I am happy to see she's on a big potty. I think that will go better. I also think you will now make it happen, just to prove me wrong. =o)