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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Obscene Innocence

I was reading this post by Wendy and was flooded with memories of my bluer days.

I was about the age of Wendy's son when I saw the F-word written in the girls' bathroom of my elementary school. I had no clue it was a bad word, but I loved to read! And read I did. Aloud! I also liked repeating new words. And repeat I did! Thank goodness it was another more experienced friend who explained to me the weight of the word and not the school principal.

It was also in elementary school where I learned cool hand gestures. As an avid handgame player ("Miss Mary Mack", anyone?), I was always up for hand fun. I saw some kids on the bus flash a hand sign, heard someone else mention a bird and thought it was another game. So, I and a friend "flipped birds" at everyone on the bus. With both hands. The whole ride long. I don't recall how I was apprised of the bird's meaning.

Later, in elementary school, I was apparently a lazy waver. I was a friendly kid and waved to all the neighbors, but I apparently was too lazy to make sure all of my fingers were up when I did it, so often there was only one prominent finger greeting passers-by. My faux pas was brought to my attention by Dad when some neighbors came by and told him about his naughty daughter.

When your kid comes home with a new word or an obscene joke, give him or her a smile and a hug when you explain why their new found knowledge must be trashed. They are still sweet, little innocents.


Sheree said...

Cute picture Adhis! I love it. I overheard someone say, "oh my g--" and tried that one out a few times when my parents grounded me for a whole day. I was four. Come on already.

Wendy said...

Amen, sister. And that is one cute picture. For the record, I never uttered a single curse word my entire life... until I started dating Jeremy at age 22. I had never been mad enough at anyone before that, I guess. :)

Kat said...

That picture is adorable! I could totally picture you trying out your new cool things. :) I have a son who likes to use his "birdie finger" to point to words as he reads books and to point things out in stores. We're still trying to explain why it's not a good thing. He just doesn't get it. LOL Ah, to be a kid.

Kristen said...

Potty mouth, potty mouth, I used to be a potty mouth. But we all believe in repentance right?

That's a sweet picture.

Jackie said...

Ahhh yes, I remember the day Jadon came home and asked me what a penis was. I'm still blushing.