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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

July Resolution Check-in


That means it's time to check in on how we're doing with our New Year's resolutions.



Hey! A bird!
(Adhis scurries into hiding)


OK, my Rest Goals:
  • Sit alone with no radio, no book, no internet once a day.
  • Be out of the office by 8pm.
  • Read to my daughter once a day.
  • Nap at least once during the day, even if only for 15 minutes.
I haven't been resting as much as I have been passing out. A newborn will do that to me.

I will refocus by:
  • sitting alone in quiet right after my morning workout
  • setting an Internet lock-out for 8:30pm
  • reading to my toddler before bedtime
  • napping for 15-45 minutes when the baby and the toddler nap at the same time

Now, my Money Goals
1) Set aside $2,000 by April for this upcoming baby.
Check. And good thing, too! We didn't plan on an emergency C-section. Our bills totaled more than $12,000. Thank goodness for insurance. Our total out of pocket was about $2500. If we decide to have another baby, I think I'll push for a baby fund of at least $3,000.

2) Contribute additional $3600 into retirement account.
Not quite check. We did come across that much money but decided instead to throw it into our Emergency Fund to get closer to a 6-months' reserve. We also increased David's automatic 401(k) contributions by $20 a month.

BTW, did you know if you are paid biweekly, April and October have extra paychecks? We have our budget set up to live on 2 paychecks per month, so we used April's extra check to open college funds for the babies, set aside about $500 for my Roth IRA, and put some money aside for a family reunion David will be traveling to in September.

3) Earn an extra $20,000.
Not there yet. I have been earning some hundreds here and there, but I realized I have not kept track of these, so I would not know if/when I hit $20K. Lesson learned. I will keep a record starting now.

I'm sure of no surprise to most of you, adding a second child has thrown into the process a bigger wrench than I anticipated. I do have some things in the works. Now, I just need to wake up WAY earlier than the kids, so I have quality time to work. I work best late at night, but you can see that contradicts my resting goals.

How are you guys doing with the commitments you made to yourself?


Kristen said...

Good, good, and... I can't remember what my 3rd one was. Not a good sign. I'll have to check my journal.

Congrats on your success and good luck with the rest!

Englishfam said...

I have accomplished a few of mine-selling boy baby clothes, bedding, toys, getting the nursery painted, less computer time (I try not to check it more than twice a day)but still have 3 more to do! Thanks for keeping me in check. :) Way to go on all the money goals. That is awesome!

Jackie said...

I resolved to be more diligent about reading my scriptures. I'm doing well.

I also resolved to accessorize better, that's going well too.