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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Cheesy Update

Wow- it has been almost a year since I waxed cheese.

As promised, here's my report, albeit incomplete.

First, I'm extremely surprised that our holiday mouse, who was ever so thorough in exploring every room of our home, did not touch the cheese. Maybe I've allowed too many Tom & Jerry episodes influence my beliefs about mice.

Second, I did not cycle through the cheese as often as I would have liked to because this pregnancy was much more nauseating, and I was less inclined to be found in the kitchen doing little more than eating ice cream from the carton.

Here is how the cheeses fared:

This week, I noticed the cheddar looking "weirder" but it was still good. There were a couple blocks that had some bumps on the surface. I cut a thin slice off each side of the block and the cheese looked awesome. So, I'm guessing a year is the cheddar's limit. I cannot see how other sources quote 25 years of storage. Maybe their storage is much colder than mine and located in the belly of an underground cave that warps time to the Ice Age.

Colby/Monterrey Jack-
I only had a couple blocks of this one, and I cannot remember what their state was when I opened them. See how helpful I am?

I opened a mozzarella block recently and HOLY NASTINESS! Lots of black growth! I immediately tossed that into the garbage. Mozzarella is a softer cheese which is what I think the problem was. I think IF I do mozzarella again, I will cycle through it every 2-3 months since it was fine then.

I didn't like how it looked when I opened them a month or two later. They were "swollen" blocks instead of square. I cannot remember if I ate them. I think I tossed them. I never use Swiss anyway and had only waxed them as an experiment.

In the storage room, CHEDDAR FOR SHO! Cheddar is beddar! I'll be waxing another 5 lbs in the coming month.

What thing are you adding next to your food storage?


Kristen said...

Perhaps I should share my method. It's a little easier:

Buy a big freezer. Put the cheese in the freezer. Take it out when you need it. Good as new.

Although I did find that if you plan to grate it, it's better to grate it before you freeze it. Not necessary but better.

Really, a large efficient freezer is a great investment. I have LOTS of cheese, butter, veggies, meat, bread, tortillas, and yes ice cream out there. (I think there's even a couple turkeys haha.) Yes, it's triple locked, and yes we have a gun so don't get any ideas. =o) Unless your idea is to get a big freezer. That's a good idea.

Heather said...

how did you see the matt post? its not scheduled until the 17th, you will have to wait patiently until it shows!! (I am sure you will be so anxious, its scheduled for 10 am so you dont have to wait up for it)

kristie said...

hi! I'm a friend of a friend of a friend here in sacramento, ca :) after reading your original blog on cheese waxing we waxed a few pounds of cheddar for our food storage, glad we picked cheddar after reading your cheese update blog!! we love all your food/water storage tips :)

a random blog fan,


Jackie said...

wow!Good job Adhis.