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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

That Boy's Alright

Before an estrogen-fueled mob gathers around our home searching for the Big Ugly Husband Monster, I thought I'd take a moment to throw in a couple items in defense of the man who loves me so much that he takes interest in my blog by reading each post and setting his subscription so that he receives an email EVERY TIME SOMEONE POSTS A COMMENT to it.

Here are some pieces of evidence of the wonderful (yet, yes, at times, clueless) nature of my husband.

For Mother's Day, he gave me this

and this and this.

And he has massaged my back and neck and head many a times over the last few weeks. And made delicious breakfasts. And cared for his kids so I could do VERY IMPORTANT STUFF on Facebook.

He took 2 weeks off work to help me through labor, delivery, and recovery. He has forgiven me every time I've apologized for insulting his middle-of-the-night bottle-feeding abilities. He has read a book every single time Baby Dhis has brought him one (and he doesn't even skip pages).

I think we are both slightly disappointed at the work parenthood demands. We were parenting experts when we had no kids. We had no clue. Really, when it comes down to it, the blame belongs on YOU GUYS for making parenthood look SO FREAKIN' EASY.

David and I both kind of just thought the kids would slide into the world singing our praises for giving them hugs and treats and for taking them camping. And then, they would go to college. Or away. Anywhere.

And then they'd write autobiographies with chapters devoted to each of our virtues.

And then we'd die, peacefully and simultaneously at really old ages.

And they'd regale their own children with tales of Grandma and Grandpa and the time they each single-handedly wrestled a bear to the ground and put out a forest fire on one of those Brady Bunch camping trips.

And then, they'd explain who the Brady Bunch was.

The end.


Lyns said...

Love it. I'm still holding out hope that my parenting will be just as you described. After all of this present craziness finishes up of course.

Kristen said...

Oh we know that DAVE is okay. It was YOU that we were worried about. I bet there were no angry mobs in the first place. It's the mama who needed a boost.

(Way to go Dave, gifts and love will never hurt, no matter what the cause.)

The key here is that you said we make it "look" so freakin' easy. Did any of us actually TELL you that? Didn't think so.

Not easy at all. But it's worth it. YES IT IS, stop arguing with me.

I think that 100 years back, the women weren't caught by surprise. They were used to making soap and sewing clothes and cleaning chamber pots. I think our "easy" lifestyle is what makes the child-rearing so hard. Seriously, would a mom of 100 years ago really cared that she hadn't posted on Facebook in the past 24 hours? "It's not fair, I don't even feel like me anymore." A friend told me that the other day. And I sincerely had compassion and I've definitely been there. But maybe it's because our "old me" is a little pampered to begin with. I'm not saying it shouldn't be that way, but a little perspective goes a long way.

I read a journal of a woman (abt 150 years ago) who loved having new babies because she got to sit there and rock them while other women helped tend to her chores. See, that's where it comes from. Pretend you have cows to milk and cheese to curdle, and all of a sudden your baby is SO much cuter and you really don't want to get out of that chair after all. You want to play with tiny toes and kiss baby ears and sing songs all day long. You with me?

Or you can nurse your baby while you hang out on Facebook. I can't believe I had to miss that concert last week. I had to buy diapers instead of that makeup. My life stinks.

Do I win some award for the longest comment ever?

islandgirl said...

I always knew Dave loved you too, and this post was beautiful, now on to the other post, because I know I had something to say about that if I can remember, lol!

Jackie said...

I guess he's OK.

Amannda Ashby said...

My advice to you. Quiet giving Dave a hard time when he is up feeding the baby. Who really cares how he gets the job done. You should be SLEEPING! You all ready know he will not do things the way you would, but sometimes as the mom you simply have to appreciate that you did not have to do it. (whatever that it is!) This adivce is probabaly more for me than you!