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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Here Comes Bunny Claus...


Now, go find your eggs.


Kristen said...

Happy Easter! It's so Springy outside!

Twenty days, eh? I remember just yesterday I was telling you that 40 days wasn't all that long. Yikes! We'd better start packing.

LOVE your new pictures at the top. Best ever.

Marcella said...

So sad! I sure hope the weather turns. I love your pictures at the top too!

Jackie said...

Why haven't you commented on my facebook or blog lately, hmmmmm????

Adhis said...

Sorry, Jackie, I was looking for Easter eggs in the snow!

You haven't shown up in my FB news feed. I thought you were taking a break or something BUT I just went to look at your wall a minute ago and it said "Add as Friend".