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Sunday, April 18, 2010


My patience-o-meter is busted.

The husband was gone all morning.

This means all Sunday morning preparation was left on my tired, swollen, 10-month's-pregnant self.

My toddler decided running away from a slow-poke mom is hilarious.

My maternity clothes no longer fit, except for a long denim skirt and a winter sweater.

It's 70+ degrees outside.

I had low blood sugar and was shaky.

Got myself and the toddler fed.

Toddler had a messy diaper.

Got the toddler dressed in church clothes.

Was carefully making way down the stairs to get in the car.

Toddler had messy diaper #2.

I found that my belly no longer allows me access to strap toddler in her car seat.

Spent a million years buckling the kid in.

Got to church an hour late.

Missed the husband's talk in sacrament meeting.

I am slightly irked.


Sarah said...

I feel you. Did you see my blog about last Sunday? And that was with a husband and without being pregnant. Sundays are made to test the patience of mothers.

Lyns said...

(((HUGS))) Been there. It sucks.

Sheree said...

Those last few weeks are miserable! I think that is the plan--make us so miserable that we'll literally do whatever it takes to get that baby OUT!

Kristen said...

Oh I'm so sorry! You're SO close. Even if you're 2 weeks late, you're still SO close! =o)

So when you and Dave reunited, which one apologized?

Adhis said...

Huh- I guess I did with "Sorry I missed your talk." It didn't do much though because David gets sympathy symptoms really bad and so he was exhausted too. And grumpy. :)