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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Yeah, I See You

You, the one in the Midwest who is not supposed to be keeping tabs on me. The one who had me labeled as an obsessed stalker.

Yeah, you. Google says you've been visiting the blog regularly.

Yeah, I see you.


sharibug said...

can you find a way to block them? Can Google do that for you?

islandgirl said...

so they think YOU stalk them, or what?

Stephanie said...

Hi Adhis. You don't know me but I know several of the same people you do...We used to live in the same area, although I am unsure if we lived there at the same time as the last year I lived there I was on bedrest and then had a newborn and didn't get out much. I visit your blog regularly, someimtes daily. I have been in pregnancy prison AKA bedrest and am living vicariously through others. You are so funny and a great writer I wanted to thank you for sharing your stories. It has helped me keep my sanity during these long months. I made it through the last years pregnancy and just found out I am expecting again. Oy. I hope you will continue to let me pretend I am not confined to my bed or couch. If you want to get to know me and know I am only a little crazy:) I will send you an invite to my blog too.
Thanks again!

Adhis said...

Shari- at this time, I cannot block them without blocking other visitors.

Clarice- David and I each received an out-of-the-blue email last year accusing me of lots of stuff. Weird, to say the least, but definitely ironic that that stalking charge seems to apply to the person(s) who made the accusation.

Stephanie- sweet words! No pressure though, huh? ;) You are welcome to stop by anytime.

日久深情 said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
sharibug said...

I copied the following and put in box: I didnt know language so I let google translate it.

日久深情 has left a new comment on the post "Yeah, I See You":

對物要珍惜,對事要盡心,對人要感恩。 ..................................................

This is the translation of the above.

Falling into deep affection has left a new comment on the post "Yeah, I See You":

Right things to treasure, for things to dedication, people should be grateful

2010/3/21 Sharon Canlas
Just thought you would like to know what was said.

sharibug said... this sight to get any translation of another language.

sharibug said... leave the pound sign off. Sorry I have copied and pasted this from my search.

Shoebox Princess said...

It might not necessarily be who you think it is. I stop by occasionally and I know I'm not the stalker you are talking about. But I do live in the same state, I think, as your stalker. I'm not posting anonymously so you can check and make sure.

Adhis said...

Yeah, you're in the same state, but not the same city.

Hello, BTW!

Shoebox Princess said...

OK then. Just checking. And hello back!

Staci said...

Hey Adhis! We used to be in the same ward in Orem (found your blog from another friend who used to be in our ward) but I've moved out to the Midwest a few years ago. I've been stopping by to see you and your cute family every now and again...hope I'm not causing any problems and registering as your stalker visitor!