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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

New Age Baby

Our Baby Dhis has done some interesting things since she was born.

Her two-hands-behind-the-head sleeping pose.
Her excited frog-hop-scoot along the floor.
Her shriekish annoyance when books she has finished reading are propped up out of place.

But the following stumps us the most.

A couple months ago, she discovered a stack of music CDs in the living room. I went about my business as she played with the cases. Some time passed before I realized she had been scooting around the house holding a particular case with two hands. I came over and looked at it.

Enya. We hadn't listened to that CD in probably two years.

She kept scooting around the living room holding onto the case with two hands. I finally asked her, "Would you like to listen to this?"

I placed the CD in the stereo. She immediately sat in front of the speakers, still, listening, chilling. For the entire CD.

Huh. Well, OK, but she's just a baby and this was a one time thing. Until the next day. And the next day. And the next day. She always picks up the Enya CD.

I tried an experiment.

I put all the CD cases in a stack with Enya mixed somewhere in the middle. She scooted over to the stack, carefully moved each CD to the side until she got to Enya. She picked it up and proceeded to go on her living room laps with her.

Yes, she sorts through the CDs looking for Enya. I've tested this many, many times. And she does it EVERY time. When she finds it, she carts it around the house. Sometimes, she is conflicted about how to get Mommy or a toy or a treat when her hands are full of Enya.

I studied the CD case. No bright colors. No eye-catching graphics. No prize inside. Maybe the girl just knows what is good for her.

UPDATE: BabyDhis has begun showing Norah Jones some love. My sweet, sweet, weird baby.

[Posted song: "Caribbean Blue" by Enya]


Lyns said...

That's funny.

健康保寶 said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Joyful Mother of Children said...

She's got great taste in music! I always knew she was a prodigy.

Kristen said...

It looks like a calming cover. It takes her to her happy place.

I love kids' quirks - they are what makes them unique.

I want to see the deleted comment. =o)

Adhis said...

I don't know what the deleted comment was. It was a Japanese link; I've been getting a few of those "comments" over the last month. I don't click on them because I'm guessing sure they are similar to the English porn links that pop up on others' blogs.

Still want to see it?