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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Keeping the Sabbath Day Holy-ish

Sue recently blogged about her less-than-love of Sabbath Sundays and in order to not be a 'comments box' hog, I decided to blog about thoughts that popped in my head as I read her post. Perhaps, this will also give readers insight into my holy nature and add to their own basket of spiritual manna.

I'll quote some of Sue's words about Sabbath Day activities, which I will mark somehow. Maybe with boldness and quotation marks.

"Thou Shalt Not Work
Rest from your labors and all that."
(Yes, like that.)

We're generally pretty good about keeping this one because David and I are generally lazy people. However, I do have my moments where I get on the computer and get some work done, mostly because Sunday is one of the two days my husband is home and can entertain the toddler, and I don't have to try typing on the computer while little fingers decide that reaching up and clicking the mouse and hitting the "Control" button of the keyboard makes fun stuff happen on the monitor.

I suppose I could look at my Sunday work as "I'm making money I will tithe on, therefore I'm making money for the Lord!"

But, yeah... no.

"Thou Shalt Not Go To The Store
I guess under the premise that your patronage requires someone else to work on Sunday?"

I think it has to do not just with the requirement of labor but with the exchange of money. This brings back memories of growing up in a little ward located in Old-People-Come-Here-To-Die, Florida. There was an elderly couple who would back up their station wagon on Fast Sundays (the one Sunday a month when Mormons abstain from eating and drinking for two meals, beginning the night before), open the trunk door, and sell Hostess fruit pies and various breads from the bakery thrift store. I remember hounding my parents for quarters so I could get myself a delicious cherry pie! (Mmmmmm... then. Kinda gaggy now.) The practice was halted some months later; I heard the adults say something about the bishop saying "no."

So yeah, we don't go to the store on Sundays.

But... I also have memories as a kid, riding in the car on the way home from church and my parents going through the drive-thru convenience store and picking up a container (or two) (or three) of ice cream. I specifically remember a flavor called "Death by Chocolate" which made everyone in the family clutch their stomachs and feel like the name was truth in advertisement. Perhaps, we should have died and appropriately served as a warning to other LDS folks in our congregation.

But we (David and I) don't go to the store. Though sometimes, I want to because I always seem to NEED ice cream on Sunday. Hmmm. Whyever could that be?

"Thou Shalt Not Play Sports
I will confess to not understanding this one. Why no sports? Is it because they're rowdy? Or because you sweat, and that's kind of like working?"

My guess is that sports and cussing go hand-in-hand. And one should not cuss unless you're Porter Rockwell.

"Thou Shalt Get Thy Brood To Church
Mormons go to three hours of church, y'all. THREE HOURS."

Yeah- I'm actually OK with this one only because we're not actually sitting in the same room in one service for three hours. I once went to a friend's one-hour service, and it was more torture than our three hours. (And they had drums and electric guitars!) I was totally yearning to walk into a room filled with women facing some sort of framed art sitting on an easel atop a lace-covered table silently wagering whether or not that day's teacher would be handing out candy.

"And if you get there late, you are NOT getting a pew, you are going to end up sitting in the metal folding chair ghetto at the back of the chapel with all of the other families who couldn't get their act together either"

You know who I don't understand? The people who get to church early or on time and CHOOSE to sit in the folding chair ghetto. Why is that?

No, really. Why?

Some of you read my blog. Why do you do it?

Those chairs are hard and cold. And when kids bang on them with their sippy cups, they're loud; you can't hear a darn thing back there. And, hello, never enough hymn books! So, then you have to pretend you know the words to "If You Could Hie to Kolob" or hope that "I'm a Child of God" will be the intermediate AND the closing song (but only the first verse).

"Thou Shalt Partake of the Following Approved Activities: "
(Sue makes her list then shares her experiences of entertaining children on Sundays.)

"So basically, I'm looking for ideas. What do YOU do on Sundays to make it - not like that?"

Sundays are always funner at someone else's house (except for, perhaps, the in-laws' house)(haha)(maybe), so this is a perfect excuse to somehow get invited to someone else's house where they make dinner.

Us: "What are you guys doing the rest of today?"
Them: "Not a thing. How about you?"
Us: "Just hanging out at home."
Us: "We should get together some time!"
Them: "We should!"
Us: "Hey, how about tonight? What are you guys making for dinner?"

We probably should soon start with the reciprocating thing. It's been a few years. Luckily, I'm presently pregnant, which means I have an excuse to not play hostess because, you know, this baby "could come any moment!" Also, all we ever have in the house is ramen noodles. Ever.

"What on earth do you do all day long?"

Lately, when not enjoying someone else's dinner, David and I mostly get on different computers and ignore each other for the day in favor of talking to virtual friends. Sometimes, just to keep the romance alive, we'll send each other a quick "love you" or "::kisses::" in instant messages. See that? That's family time.

Other times, we play games. Like FOR REAL games where we sit in front of each other face-to-face handling paper cards and plastic pieces!

Other times, we jointly stare at our incredibly cute daughter as she practices walking from the front window to the ottoman and then from the ottoman to the front window. It's mind-blowing.

Other times, we go for a walk around the neighborhood and take the chance of running into real people with whom we must engage in conversation so as to look like we're friendly and not addicted to Facebook at all. Also, this helps line up possible future Sunday dinners.

Other times, we talk about other people who just don't get things about life like we do. Really, if they were us, they would just breeze through life!

"How do you keep from killing each other?"

We. Just. Don't. Put the cleaver in the dishwasher on Saturday night with the other dirty dishes and it's all good.

Another good deterrent is to open the windows in the house when the weather is warm. Then, you can't yell at or beat your kids because "the neighbors will hear."

"Do you have fun family/friend get togethers?"

It depends if we are spending time with the in-laws or not. (haha) (maybe) And depends on how much you love toddlers and ottomans.

"(And if so, can I come? Without the kids?)"
Yes, you may come. ESPECIALLY without the kids.

So, yeah, that's how we keep the Sabbath Day holy.

Oh my, Sunday is only four days away, and I'm afraid I won't have time to restock our kitchen with food before then. Whatever shall we do?

Hey, what are you guys having for dinner?


TheOneTrueSue said...

Cafe Rio. (You know you're jealous.)

This made me laugh out loud. Several times.

I'm totally figuring out where you live and absconding to your house on Sunday.

Christi said...

My favorite childhood memory: Racing home from church, changing into our "lazy" clothes and going to Hearts for a Big Chill. Yeah, those were the days.

Kristen said...

Drive three hours, eat with us, and drive three hours back home. That's a lot of quality time in the car. Perfect for a Sunday.

Honestly, Sundays are never long enough around here. We visit grandparents and prepare lessons/callings for the next week. We play with our kids on their terms (just wait a couple years, you'll see). We read books and play real games. We cook meals that take too long on weeknights. We soak up the feeling of home. It's the day of rest, and quite frankly I'd love to borrow yours if you're not going to use it. =o)

steelebjm said...

OK, we are one of those who willingly head back to the folding chair ghetto. But our main reason was that we needed to sneak out quickly at the back to run and set up our three nurseries. The other reason is we could make a bigger space between our rows of chairs and have just a little bit more leg room. AND, through my various pregnancies, I could sit juuuuust right, and hitch my feet up on the seat in front of us, so my feet wouldn't swell up during church, but no one else could see me. AND THAT is why we are the ghetto dwellers.

Amannda Ashby said...

Sunday is a great day for SEX! A day to relax, renew and get ready for another crazy week. It's great to spend time with family and friends and there are enough weeks in the month that we can usually find a Sunday for Pual to go home teaching. But I must say that Sunday is a great day for a "NAP".

I am happy that there are some people that choose to sit in the back on the hard chairs. Our family has been in the back a few times and I leave with the biggest head ach. If we end up in the back I am better off to just go home!

Adhis said...

Kids, what Amannda means by "SEX!" is sending instant messages of "I'm wearing shorts that end above my knees" and "Want to alphabetize our food storage inventory right now?" to her husband who's on a laptop in another room.

Yes, that's what she means.

Kristen said...

Yes, as a matter of fact, my 6-year-old WAS standing behind me, reading the computer. So thanks for that. I just pretended it didn't happen. (He doesn't need the talk.)

I'm not saying it's not true - just that some things don't need to be documented. What kind of a blog are you running here anyway?

Keri Ann said...

You ar funny! and who has time for you know what on Sunday? do you guys have kids???? naps? what the... well good for you. But we go for nature hikes. visit family and have dinner with friends. Play games with the kids, work on home work, piano and faith in God and scouts. Watch americas funniest home videos and hang out. I LOVE Sundays.

Kristen, I tell my kids *** is the difference between a girl and a boy!! cause it is!!! LOL..

islandgirl said...

Oh Amannda, you truly made me LOL! That was GOOD! Say it like it is, huh. And we already know Adhis left that one out on her list ;) It had to be said....

Mel said...

So we are the ones who sit in the back, and not in the 1st few rows. In the BACK back! Here's the thing. My kids usually only sit in their seats for the first 20 minutes. So I would rather them be able to roam around quietly and not bother anyone else, than to fight with them to stay in the pews and disturb everyone around us. There is a time and a season though. We will make it back to the pews at some point. We don't really like sitting on the hard chairs. But, for sanity's sake and a pleasant experience with little ones...the back we stay!