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Thursday, March 25, 2010

A (cough) Little Behind

I love the mirror behind the door of my OB's examination room. It's big and shiny and I can fix my hair or check my teeth before I walk back out into society.

Last Monday though, I was changing from the medical gown and into my clothes, and somehow, I ended up looking over my shoulder into the mirror, just as I had one leg hacked up to get my underclothing on.


Why didn't anyone tell me my butt had swallowed a Honda?? All this time, I've been walking out in public with no license plate or registration for this thing!

I paused in front of that mirror, with my foot mid-air, and my jaw dropped open. I could not believe that was MY butt. That big ol' thing. Attached to me.

Pardon me, people. I was unawares before. Now, I know to at least waddle outside with my hazards on.

[Posted song: "Baby Got Back" -- Gilbert and Sullivan style]


Kristen said...

Haha, cute picture! And I'm not afraid to comment because I haven't actually SEEN you so you can't take anything I say personally. I had a similar experience though and it was my husband's fault for buying chocolate for me every time he went to the store. It took FOREVER to lose afterward, compared to the other kids. Good luck with that. Probably by the next time I see you, you'll have a cute little baby and your regular sized caboose again. =o)

Nathalie Smith said...

♫ I love big butts and I cannot lye, you other brothas can't deny, when a girl walks in with a ity bity waist and a round thing in your face...♫