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Tuesday, March 9, 2010


In pursuit of getting these done, David and I decided to get rid of our Unlimited Shared Family Text Messaging Data Service Internet Cell Phone Plan of Techy Bliss and reduce our phones to a simple 1500 Minutes Shared with Optional Smoke Signals Plan. EGADS!

Dave being a tech geek and IT analyst needed time to adjust to the idea. He may have cried himself to sleep a couple nights. He loves his G1. It's the last thing he holds at night and the first light to greet him in the morning. He loves his phone applications. He has his app where he holds his phone up to "hear" a song playing on the radio or in a restaurant, and it identifies the name of the song and the artist. He has his app where he can scan the UPC code of some product he's interested in at a store, and it will tell him the price of that item in other stores in the area. And of course, his GPS app that is "cool" even though it sometimes takes us to the wrong destination. (That app should come with a "wife patch" to get it to stop and ask for directions.)

So, Dave was torn. I put on my strong facade, but I was a little hesitant as well. I remembered when we got rid of the television. I experienced phantom pains for a month. I would oft plop myself on the couch to relax in front of the television only to find myself staring at a blank wall where the 50" mammoth used to sit. I found myself promising a neighbor I'd catch her on a local television show and then realizing 5 minutes before show time that I had no TV. It was a weird month. I may have wandered around the house muttering to myself trying to make up for the lack of noise in the house. Now, I don't miss TV at all. And so I'm hoping it will be the same with the stripping down of our cell phones.

David finally accrued the will to drop the guillotine. He called TMobile and got a hold of a young Southern belle in customer service. He was all geared up to cut his baby out and then found out there was a $35 fee to change over.

"Hey- I know you want white bread, but, here, have wheat bread instead."
"I don't wanna."
"It's good for you."
"You're right. OK, I'll have the wheat."
"That'll be $35 for the privilege of being able to buy wheat bread."

Yeah, like that. But with a phone. Wheat phone was going to cost $35 to switch to.

I heard this and, of course, I got annoyed. Which means I got bossy. How dare they charge us $35 when we've been loyal customers for years! TMobile has been part of our entire marriage. If I had been the one talking with customer service, I would have had no inclination to mask my displeasure.

Dave knows I get things done, but I get them done in a you-better-not-cross-me-because-it-will-be-the-last-thing-you-do way. Sometimes, people react because they're scared. And sometimes, they get back in my face. My husband, though, isn't me, which is why I married him. Dave's way makes people WANT to do things. And it makes them want to pinch his cheeks and bake him cookies.

He smiled sweetly into the phone and in his most playful voice said, "Would you waive that fee? I've been with you for 10 years. I'm practically family." I heard Southern belle declare, "Oh, my goodness! Well, of course, why not!" and Dave kept chatting with her in his tender, charming way.

I realized then that he gets things done, too. I've much to learn from my sweet sweetie pie and his sweet ways. Maybe I'll have him text me some pointers.

Oh. Right.


steelebjm said...

Boy, should have had him do my call to T-Mobile. Just to renew our basic service cost us an extra $100 in hidden fees. We'd renewed a couple times before without that. Yeah. Kinda ticked me off. They even charged us an "accessories tax" for our new (free) phones. You know, for the ONE charger for both phones. And they were complete jerks when I tried to talk to them, nicely and first, and then ticked off because I could tell they weren't going to do anything. SIGH.

Kristen said...

Now I know to watch out for the two of you.

We have basic cell phones too. We take pleasure out of telling each other "I got a text message today." "Who was it from?" "I don't know, I didn't open it." "HAHAHA." It costs 10 cents to open it, ain't gonna happen. I remember the date of the last text message I sent.

But sorry, the TV is staying.