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Monday, February 8, 2010

I love: This Winter

(For Valentines' week, I'll post briefly on things I love.)

I love this winter!

In December, I thought I would just die inside when I came back to this after Hawaii.

But we haven't had much of the gray and white.
Lots of sun, little snow-- I could live in Utah forever if the winters were always like this.
Today, neighbors were going for walks outside. Kids were riding their bikes. Some of my upstairs rooms were actually too hot!

Which reminds me, global warming.

Which reminds me, a quote I read once about Al Gore:
"Global warming ain't done nothing to that fat boy's ice cream cone!"

Which reminds me, there's ice cream in the freezer.


Englishfam said...

I was saying the same thing about this winter to the checkout lady yesterday. It hasn't been horrible. Watch, now we will get dumped on!!

Ane said...

Which reminds ME...I need to take the kids for a walk and then go buy some Ice Cream! ;)

(I am just glad the air quality has improved!)

Kristen said...

Other areas of the country are getting record snow. Idaho has been completely normal. Are you sure you're not just used to it?

We drove through Utah this last weekend and there was tons of snow. So maybe you're just being sarcastic. Darn, I just don't know!

(Gra)Ma Adhis said...

Thank you for bringing the sunshine from Hawaii.