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Thursday, February 11, 2010

I love: Teaching Personal Finance

(For Valentines' week, I'll post briefly on things I love.)

When I was 19, I received a "prompting" that part of my mission is to empower women. There are several aspects to this mission, but one of them is revealing to women their inherent power and mastery over circumstances and resources, such as money.

I thought for years to address this aspect by showing women how to make money. I have since realized that this is starting from the wrong side of the equation for it feeds the erroneous belief that problems go away with "more money." We all think we'd do better with more money "NOW", but I have learned from years of experience that our habits treat $20 just like they treat $200,000.

Empowerment begins in the appreciation and proper stewardship of the resources already present. It has been a big shift for me, but I recently stepped out of my comfort zone and have begun two things in the path to fulfilling my calling in a more peaceful order.

1) I approached the director of a nonprofit financial counseling center and wiggled my way in as an intern. (Boy, did I wiggle!)

2) I enrolled in a financial peace course with the intention of learning how to coordinate one myself. (I feel like a spy when I'm there, but that's part of the fun!)

Personal finance is not about money; it's about empowerment. I've seen so many people feel helpless and overwhelmed when it comes to their finances. Does a person who is worried about the lack of money sleep differently than a person who is master over money? You betcha! (I've done both!)

I LOVE LOVE LOVE stepping in and guiding people to steps that will alleviate their pain and doubts. I'm so excited about learning how to become a better listener and teacher! Perhaps, then what I know will be better received.

Hallelujah for heeding one's call!
What's your calling? Have you embraced it yet?


Kristen said...


Good post. I just don't know the answer to the question. Good luck, you will be fabulous!

islandgirl said...

Very cool! I think that is GREAT, my calling, oh, I'm working on it, for now, it's school, we'll see what that leads to when I am done!