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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

I love: Sensé Serum Intensive

(For Valentines' week, I'll post briefly on things I love.)

I'm typically a very frugal person. But there are some things for which I'll pull out the shiny penny.
There are a bazillion skin care products out there that say they do "this" and/or "that". You know how dozens of them end up in your bathroom but most don't really do what you hoped they would?

Ok, this thing really and VISIBLY WORKS!

[Cue angels singing...]

Marketed as: Wrinkle reducer
What it SHOULD be marketed as: miracle pimple preventer!

Disclosure: I represented the manufacturer about 7 years ago. I don't get paid for promoting their products anymore, but I recommend this serum! I would seriously buy a lifetime supply of this stuff if there was ever word of the company going out of business!

You know how sometimes you can feel a lump under your skin and know a pimple is coming? Dab this on twice a day every day, and the pimple never comes! Seriously, that's what I use this for. If you have a pimple already, this shortens its lifespan significantly. When my daughter hits puberty, she will absolutely LOVE ME just because of this product. I still can't believe the company doesn't advertise this awesome aspect! Crazy!

Frequency: I typically dab on a spot where a pimple is threatening to erupt. During pregnancy, I tend to use it all over my face every few days to avoid a blemish sneaking by.

Pros: It WORKS! Prevents pimples. Makes already present pimples die quickly. Tube makes it easy to use sparingly.
Cons:Upon regular use, I get cocky and think I have naturally clear skin, so then I stop using it. And then I'm scurrying for my bottle of serum when I'm reminded I'm a natural pizza face.
Price: $44.34 retail (I typically pay less. When I know I'm running low on mine, I keep my eyes open for a dealer willing to sell me a tube for less.)

This serum WORKS and you actually get IMMEDIATE RESULTS instead of a hope that in 5 years your routine will pay off.

Sensé Serum Intensive works Every. Freaking. Time.


Kristen said...

What? The first person to comment wins a free tube of it? WOW! I won!

Adhis said...

I actually WAS considering giving away a smaller tube but then checked my stash and saw I was out. Maybe next time!