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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

I love: My Daughter's Preference for Reading

(For Valentines' week, I'll post briefly on things I love.)

What an easy child. Truly, I was blessed to have such a daughter for my first child. Easy going, sleeps through the night, smiles even when she's not feeling well. Just awesome!

There are so many things to love about her, but my favorite thing right now: she loves to read! I will often be working in the office and realize that my daughter is suddenly "too quiet." Turning around, I will find she has pulled out a copy of her Friend magazine and is quietly reading.

She spends a lot more time reading one book than she does playing a couple toys.

Thank goodness. Books and magazines are easier to carry around town when toting the chickamuffin.

Notice in this next photo that she has one hand on her Gloworm's music button. As soon as the short melody ends, she presses the button to get ambient music playing again. Books and tunes, man, books and tunes!

I love my little bookworm!


Marcella said...

SO CUTE! I love bookworm Adhis! I am glad that when things get too quiet you find her reading the Friend. WOW. You don't want to know what I find when things get too quite. It is usually getting into make up, jewelry, or even the toilet. We lost Binky to the toilet. So sad, at least when they flushed it I didn't have to call a plumber, it just went down. This has only happened twice BTW! We are very sanitary and I am a great babysitter/mom don't let that stop you from bringing baby Adhis over to play!!!

Kristen said...

Really? Wow. I love quiet. Quiet has not happened at our house. I've always heard that if kids see you read, they will love to read. So I sit and read while they chuck toys at each other. Okay they do love reading, but not like your little doll. They ARE calmer when the TV is off, so there you go. What a great mom you are. I love her too. Is that okay?