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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Year Nine

We coincidentally spent our 9th wedding anniversary on Oahu! Happy accident, eh? I think for our 10th, we may go to the moon.

While at the Luau, the MC had anyone whose anniversary was in November come up to the stage to dance with their sweetheart. I was so elated! I like dancing with my honey.

(Warning: photo of old people kissing)

The actual night of our anniversary, Baby Dhis had had a difficult day, what with a few teeth tearing through the flesh in her mouth. We put her to bed, dragged the table and chairs to a spot out of her line of vision, ordered delivery from Macaroni Grill, and ate by the bathroom light. It was very sweet. I tried capturing the night on film since I had a direct line of sight to the toilet. (Unfortunately, it doesn't show up in this photo.)

Anniversaries are apparently about food.


9 years, baby!

David, here, just 9 of the many things I enjoy about you:

1 You do your hair the same way you have always done it (except for the year you tried out my "cooler" suggestions) and the way your Dad has always done it, and the way your Grandpa probably did it when he had hair.

2. You hog the bedsheet and blanket at night and then sleepily whine when in the middle of the night I tug at them to get a foot or two of coverage.

3. The way you dance when you're being "sexy." (Giggling means I think you're cute.)

4. How every so often, you look down at me from your 6'3" height and in genuine surprise say "You're short!" like you just discovered this.

5. When you look at me lovingly and hug me sweetly because I made you oatmeal to take to work with you for breakfast. Or a container of leftovers for lunch. Or a cup of hot cocoa for an evening drink.

6. That you eat whatever meal I make and like it (except for the one time we tried salsa on halibut). (Yeck.)

7. When I try a new activity and you enthusiastically tell me I'm awesome at it, like I'm the undiscovered genius of the planet.

8. That you love me and cuddle me even after I have lashed out at you during a string of emotionally or physiologically difficult moments.

9. That you cheer for me when no one else does. Even in the uncomfortable silence of my being overlooked, you step in and cheer, "Way to go, baby!"

I love you, baby, and I'm so grateful you love me!

[Posted song: "Better Together" by Jack Johnson]


Kristen said...

Happy Anniversary! Very sweet. I think we'll make it to our 9-year. Four months to go.

Ben's so worried that we won't celebrate our 10 year properly next year, that he insists we need to have our "big trip" this summer instead. Like I'm going to argue.

Kristen said...

She looks cute in a headband!

(They don't work on Nicole.)