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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Photo Opinions, Please!

I am turning in two photos this Wednesday for a photo contest, and could use your help!

The theme is "Defining Lehi: Past & Present." Photos must be taken within the boundaries of Lehi, Utah and may show people, places, things, or any combination of images.

Would you please give me your opinions?
I can only turn in two photos, and they must be framed.

Opinion #1:
Which of these two photos should go in this white frame? I like both of them for different reasons, but I will not submit both. (All photos are 8x10.)

Photo 1? (Black and White)

Photo 2? (Color)

Opinion #2:
This photo is being submitted because Dave loves it, but I'm not sure which of the two frames to submit it in.

Frame 1:

Frame 2:

What do you think?

I need to decide by Tuesday and do appreciate your opinions!



steelebjm said...

For opinion #1, I vote for the b&w. For #2, I have no idea. Yay me!

Marcella said...

cool pictures. I like 1 B&W and for option two I love frame 1. Good luck!

Sarah said...

1 and 1. love the black and white pic.

Englishfam said...

I say 1 and 1 also. Love the first picture!!

Nathalie Smith said...

I like the black and white pic with the horse, and I like the first frame because it looks like the inside of the frame matches the fence and it makes the picture pop a little more.

Kristen said...

Picture 2 and Frame 2. Gee I'm different. I tried to look back and agree with them but I'm sticking with the 2's. =o)

I could give you my reasons but nobody else did. See, I can conform a little.

Cindy said...

Photograph #1. and the frame you have it in.

Kikibug said...

I am with Kristen, I like 2 and 2. I love the blue sky with the white fame, and the horse looks better with less detail. JMO.

Great job on those though.

Katy said...

I say 1 and 1, definitely.

islandgirl said...

Color photo, Frame 1!

Heather said...

i vote #1 and #1, Good luck!

Rochelle said...

I love photo #1! I like both of the frames though. I can't decide on that! Good luck! I'm glad I'm not going up against you!

Adhis said...

Thank you, guys! I really appreciate the feedback and found I have some things to re-learn.


Unired States of Earth said...

I say second picture, first frame, IMHO

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