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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

35 Examples of Awesomeness

I am 35 years old.

That sounds so weird to say because I turned 35 eleven days ago, and I still feel fine. (Cue R.E.M. classic.) I suppose I expected a letter from the President or a taunting Grim Reaper tap-dancing by my mailbox.

My birthday was a quiet day. No huge fanfare. No cake. No correspondence from the White House. I thought I heard a creaking sound under my eyes when I smiled, but it was just my knees, and they've been doing that a while, ever since I drop-kicked Chuck Norris over a heated game of Connect Four.

For my birthday, David avoided the Connect Four and gave me a pleasant Honey-Do Birthday. He took the day off, made breakfast, cleaned out part of the basement (the other half awaits Valentines' Day?), went to IKEA with me to pick up some extra kitchen hooks, and helped decide on what to do with our daughter's Big Girl room.

At night, we were treated to dinner at Carrabba's by my family, where I got lots o' gifts and the waitress danced. Oh, how she danced! It's not part of the restaurant's protocol, but our table requested it, and she was compensated. You earned that 30%, Miss Thang.

The next day, David continued the honey-doing by fixing my treadmill (HOORAY!) and setting up my shiny desktop robot. I also got to sleep in a teeny bit. I felt a young 34, though perhaps, a 34-year-old smuggling a basket of uranium in her belly. (EnergySolutions is trying to get it into Utah one way or another.)

Similar to my friend Sarah's birthday post, I will post 35 things I like about myself. (She only had to do 30.) (And I am not bitter.)

** I'm awesome because: **

1. I'm hilarious! Even if it is only my funny bone I tickle.

2. I am intelligent. I learn and understand new ideas quickly.

3. I am fair. I see both sides of the story and understand where people come from. I actually do not disagree with people much (this will surprise some of you blog stalkers). Sometimes, people confuse my bringing up another perspective as debate when, really, I just want the conversation to be level.

4. I'm beautiful.

5. My head is always spinning with puns. I don't do it on purpose; my brain is just on pun search, probably stemming from having to learn English as a second language and noticing similarities in words.

6. I am not intimidated by people, not rich people, not thugs, not celebrities, not homeless, not people with deformities, not people smarter than me or bigger than me. Sure, it has gotten me punched in the face a couple times, but I wasn't intimidated.

7. I think long-term. People may not understand why I purchase (or don't purchase) like I do or why I don't participate in certain activities, but I'm OK with being "weird" because my objectives are different.

8. I'm OK with aging. I freaked out about 4 years ago when my hair multiplied in gray streaks, but I'm actually fine with it now.

9. My consciousness is as big as the world. I feel great empathy for all cultures, and my vision is to impact as many communities as God will allow.

10. I'm a great judge of character. I can tell pretty quickly what a person's values are by short conversations. I have rarely been mistaken.

11. I've never dyed my hair. Spray-painted, yes, but not dyed.
This photo was taken on a Halloween,
but I donned this look a handful of times in middle school on regular days.
Just 'cuz. (Man, I hope I remember this when my daughter gets a similar bug.)

12. I'm clueless about guys. This served me well in high school when I had no idea guys thought I was hot, and it serves me well today to not notice if a man thinks I'm attractive. (Who can resist a unibrow??) Dave is the one who points it out. Someone should probably tell him it's not necessary (except when I'm feeling Mahana).

13. I am content with simple possessions and am happy if they last me 20 years, including t-shirts and shoes. Dave, on the other hand, isn't as "thrilled."

14. My taste in things, clothes, music, books doesn't shift much, which coincidentally makes it easier to keep shoes and shirts for 20 years, unless your spouse makes you throw them out. (Leopard-print pants, I hardly knew ye.) (Tiger-striped skirt, shhh... stay quietly hidden.)

15. I like that I don't like what's popular at the time. In a way, I dislike blending in.

"Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect."
~ Mark Twain

16. I don't like to shop just to "let's go shopping!" It has to have a purpose like to collect solutions or acquire a specific object.

17. I don't like to eat out just to eat out. If I'm going to eat out, I enjoy it more if it is to some place that either (1) I've never been to or (2) is exotic. If the establishment offers both, awesome!
If you go to Rosalind's Ethiopian Restaurant in Los Angeles,
you better not be in a hurry to get anywhere else. They're as laid back as all get out.

18. I like doing uncomfortable things even though they feel uncomfortable at first. Impromptu speaking in front of a group? Doing a stupid-looking dance? Approaching a stranger? Entering a room where I'm the minority? Please, don't ask me to do that, but... please, do!

19. I sometimes receive pictures or promptings of future situations. Sure, I don't know what to do with them sometimes, but it's nice to know I'm trusted with these bits.

20. I am honest. I will drive to a store several cities away that I never planned on returning to if they accidentally forgot to charge me for one of my purchases. I will call a company if they send me extra products. You can trust me to be honest (unless it involves some delicious mouth-watering concoction. Then, I have no clue how it disappeared.)

21. I like taking action. You've got a great idea? Let's do it!

22. I am opened to being taught. I am constantly improving in self, evaluating my understanding of the world, determining what things I need to change, opening myself up for molding.

23. I stick to my values. They don't shift for different people or circumstances.

24. I make my bed in the morning. It just makes the bedroom look a whole lot better, even if there are messes in other parts of the room.
This guy used to think it was rather nice of me to make his bed.

25. I do a load of laundry a day.

26. I tell my husband "I love you" every day, multiple times a day.

27. I tell my child(ren) "I love you" every day, multiple times a day.

28. I have a hard candy coating, but a gushy sentimental interior. So, I cry more than people would, at first, suspect.

29. I love to laugh LOUDLY.

30. I believe old dogs can learn new tricks, and people can always change. Some just choose not to.

31. I believe in miracles and witness them often in my life.

32. I can admit I am wrong, even if I never have been.

33. I like being in my 30's! In a few years, I'll report on how I'm liking my 40's.

34. I feel fine with calling things "good enough."

35. See #34

I am awesome!


Marcella said...

You are so great Adhis! I read through that and was like, yes, yes, yes, I can see that, yes, yes. It was fun! I am so glad to know you and your fun personality!

Sarah said...

Awww! You copied me! I've always wanted someone to copy me. ~sniff~
Good list btw. Dead on. You have a good perspective of yourself.

Kristen said...

Yes, you ARE awesome!

Will you please write mine for me now?

I have a "superiority complex." Yes, I think I made up the term. Here's my definition - I feel confident about myself, but the instant I think somebody is jealous of me or my belongings or something I've done, I get REAAALLY uncomfortable. Guilty and sick to my stomach.

Enough about me - Happy late Birthday and thanks for being you!

Abby said...

Happy birthday, Adhis! And you're more odd.

Joyful Mother of Children said...

You are AMAZING, of course you already know that. ;)

I'm honored to call you friend and hope that friendship lasts well into senility. (Shut up Ethel, I'm trying to talk!)

Happy Birthday!

Kat said...

You are absolutely AMAZING! :) I love your blog. Happy Birthday!

Sheree said...

I love you Adhis! Your blog always makes me laugh.

Kelly(M&M) said...

I love this list-I learned even more about you. I always tell Jeff my favorite funny quips from your blog. Someday we will get to hang out for more than an hour. (And I WILL get my salad tongs back!)

And- You are definitely awesome!! Happy late birthday!

Englishfam said...

I love you Adhis for all these reasons! You crack me up. Happy Birthday!