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Sunday, December 6, 2009

A rose by any other name could have sounded cooler.

Our daughter's name was picked out long before Dave came into the picture. Our first son's name (should we ever have one) is kinda picked out, too. So, we were a little surprised to hear we would be welcoming another daughter this spring. We hadn't thought about additional girl names.

I once had a running list of girl names when David and I were newlyweds, but I have since lost that list. I remember only a handful and half of them will not work with the family I've married into. For example, I had once thought of Zara (as in Zarahemla), but David has a sister named Sarah and a sister-in-law named Sara, both with our last name. It's confusing enough as it is now. Sarah, Sara, and Zara. Yeah.

Another name I've always liked is Isabella. David has liked Bella since his mission days. This would have been a sure winner for us, HOWEVER, you can see the unfortunate timing with the current pop culture. There will be a billion more Bellas named in the coming years as the squealing Jacob and Edward camps marry and birth their own little squealers. Or perhaps the opposite could occur. Bella will be associated with a morose little brat. I squirm either way at the thought of having people assume our child's name was influenced by pop culture. Thus, we're hesitant.

Other names I remember off the lost list are Terra or Tierra (Earth) and Solana (sunshine). That's it.

We once considered Alyeska based on a town we drove past in Alaska and thought about "Aly" as a nickname. I think that novelty has melted.

Someone recently suggested Dava or Davina playing off David's name. I dunno...

We have a couple of others in mind, but we could use more suggestions at this time.
Do you have any?

(Please, remember to avoid mention of our last name in your comments for privacy's sake. )


Katy said...

I have the same hesitancy with the name Isabella. It was on my list of girl names when I was pregnant with Carolyn (not sure why I had a list, since with my MIL being Carol and my mother being Lynn, I was sure from the time I got engaged that my first daughter would be Carolyn....). It is a very pretty name, and Bella is a cute nickname. I would still consider Isabella as a middle name, personally, but sadly agree that now is not the time to name your child Isabella. :-(

My daughters suggest Melody or Lily. :-)

Sarah said...

Dale told me if we have a baby we should name her Funny.

That's all I've got...

Kristen said...


I do have a favorite but I'm saving it for us, in the event that Nicole gets a sister someday. I totally understand the Bella thing. Ew.

I always wanted Brandy but Ben says he won't name her after alcohol. Elsa is cute. Brooke, Kimra, Lacie. Good luck!

Sheree said...

Yeah, two names I liked and just couldn't do were Paris and Jolie. Nope. Pop culture is definitely a factor.

I like the ones you have. They are all very pretty and different too.

Nathalie Smith said...

I've always wanted Mercedes, but Hunter said NO Way...Probably not your style, huh?