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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Forbidden Fruit

You know you want it.

I know I do.

I once had a taste of this deliciously sinful gift and about drooled on myself.
Lucky for me (and lucky you!) Wendy, the creator of these mouthwatering orbs, is in business and is cranking these out this Christmas season.

Chocolate, caramel, roasted almonds enveloping a juicy apple... oh, so right!

When you eat a Fancy Schmancy Apple, not only are you doing your tastebuds a world of favors, but you are supporting a local small business woman and mum. (The business is small.) (Well, the business woman is too.) (You know what I meant.)

  • Apples are $7.50 each, or $6.00 each, if you order three or more.
  • They come in individual cellophane bags tied with pretty ribbon.
  • You can choose milk or dark chocolate (the good chocolate, not the cheap waxy stuff)
  • They last 7-10 days in the fridge uncut.
  • Give at least 3 days' notice if you need them for a certain date, especially for larger quantities (ie, more than 8).

  • This is limited to customers in Utah valley as these apples require refrigeration and are not currently being shipped.
  • Wendy will bring your order to you or you can pick it up from her in Orem (near the Center Street exit).
  • Dec. 21 is the last drop-off/pick-up day. (The 16th and 20th of December are already fully booked for pick-up/delivery.)

Fancy Schmancy Apples
Phone: 801-616-7598



steelebjm said...

Utah valley extends to Queen Creek, Arizona, right?

Jackie said...

ohhhhhh hello yumminess!
It would make the perfect gift for me from you, Adhis.

I'll be waiting by the door.

電話 said...
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