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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Mullet Over First

Baby Dhis' bangs have been getting long. She was looking a little too Harry Dunne. I tried pinning them back, but she pulled off clips, flowers, and headbands within the minute. I finally grabbed the scissors.

Oh, well.

When I cut her bangs, not only did some end up shorter than other parts, but the hair on the sides of her head looked even longer. Except more mullety. An awkward mullet because she only a few months ago stopped rubbing the back of her head from spinning on her back in her crib, so the hair there is still short.

The solution to the worn-off-in-the-back mullet: Whoville Pigtails.

Here's to hair that grows back.


chelon:) said...

at least she has hair to do that!! my girl doesn't have much :) she is a doll!

Amannda Ashby said...

Hair! oh how we love hair. That strange length won't last forever. I only wish my kids would stop complaining about getting their hair done. You would think after seven years of having your hair done you would figure out that NO MATTER how much you cry and complain it is still going to get done, and way more often than not it will be curled. That is life at my house! When they move out they can decide if they want to brush their hair or not.

Jackie said...

that's awesome.

that's all I've got today.

Kristen said...


Kat said...

You gotta love the whoville pigtails. Especially since it is around Christmas time now. LOL Hello Cindy Lou Who!

Adhis said...

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