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Friday, October 2, 2009

A Place to Sit

We busted out of the classifieds search for a sofa because most of the good ones were too far to drive to just to check them out. The challenge became that we were by now adjusted to used furniture prices. We visited a few stores, and by the 3rd store, I finally gave up the mindset of finding sofas in the $10-$90 category.

I hate furniture shopping, and actually, shopping in general. I hate walking around looking at stuff I don't want in hopes of finding something I like. Give me a catalog, let me point at stuff I want, and then let the candidates magically appear all in one place so I can compare. Not an option?

Ok, here's the next best thing for me: I take a camera with me. Then, I can avoid conversations like this when reviewing possible purchases.

Wife: So which one are you leaning towards?
Husband: I don't know. How about you?
Wife: I think the one we saw in the second store with the olive green microfiber. Did you like that one?
Husband: The one with the pillows?
Wife: No, that one was sage green in the 3rd store.
Husband: No pillows?
Wife: No, it had rolled arms with traditional cherry legs.
Husband: (blank stare)
Wife: The one I like costs about $600 more.
Husband: Oh. (silence) I like the other one.
Wife: Which one?
Husband: The cheaper one.

Also, with a camera, most salespeople will leave you alone because they know you are not making a decision right then. You will go home, review photos and prices, and then decide.

We started the day gleefully.

And ended late like this.

We didn't find anything spectacular but did find a "good enough" set at an awesome price since the store was clearancing it. But... it wasn't actually a set. They only had two sofas left, in two different colors, no loveseats, and no chairs. So, we had to go home and see how two sofas would fit in our living room and find a chair elsewhere that somehow coordinated.

I hate furniture shopping. We did it again the next day.

Day 2
Thanks to carrying a camera with us, we did pretty well matching the two sofas. Look!
This was the "set."

This is the chair we found. The pillow back, the arms and the feet are reminiscent of the first set.

(There was actually a chair that matched better, but it was not comfortable.)

Not bad, huh? We were about to call it "good enough" when Baby Dhis suddenly hopped out of Daddy's arms and started running between couches.

"Hold on there!" I yelled, but she was out of reach. We sprinted after her as she weaved in and out of the labyrinth of living room sets. We lost track of her. We looked high and low and found ourselves in the Land of Leather. It was a magical place . We wondered in awe at the sights and then came up to this little mushroom.

"Dees one!" she said. And we obeyed.

Ok, actually, by this time, I had talked myself out of leather. (I really had.)

Dave sat on the couch and said "Ohhhhhh..." He was comfortable.
I looked at the pricetag, and said, "Oh." I was uncomfortable. (C'mon, I was having KSL price cravings.)

But it was comfy on the butt.

A salesman approached and asked if he could do anything for us.

"Just trying to decide," I said. He turned around and was walking away when I chuckled and joked, "Unless you can lower it 800 bucks."

He swiveled midstep and asked "Are you serious?"

He looked at an acrylic stand on the nearby coffee table and said, "I can lower it $100." He had misheard me and thought I said A hundred bucks, not EIGHT hundred. I stayed quiet. He said, "I can go... $200."

Well, hello. I realized two things just then.

First, I hadn't noticed the sale price for groupings hidden by the plant on the coffee table. I was looking at the individual prices on each piece. The grouping was for the sofa, love and chair and was $1000 less than the individual pieces bought separately. So, I kinda got my $800+ discount just then. I noticed the price did not include the ottoman. (What's up with that anyway??)

Second, it hadn't occurred to me to ask for the price to be adjusted, but clearly, it was an option. I devised a plan. Yeah, the set cost $1000 less than I originally thought, but I made up my mind to aim for another $400 discount.

Me: Can you go down $400?
Salesdude: $400? (pause) No, I can't. $200. I can do $200.
Me: Are you sure?
Sales: Yes.
Me: Darn. Ok, thanks.

Dave and I left feigning bum-ness. We went to dinner then came back. I approached the dude.

Me: Are you sure you can't go down $400?
Sales: I'd like to, but I can't. There's no room for it.
Me: Ok. We'll get them.
Sales: Alrightee. (smile)
Me: I would like to also get the ottoman.
Sales: Ok. (pleased)
Me: How much can you go down on the ottoman?
Sales: (sigh) Let me go run the numbers.

Run the numbers... whatever.

He came back.

Sales: I can lower it $50.
Me: How about $100?
Sales: No.
Me: Are you sure?
Sales: $50 is the lowest I can go on that.
Me: Ok, let's get it.

Salesdude began writing up the order.

Me: Oh, would you drop the delivery fee?
Sales: Sure, I'll do that.

SHAZAM! Another $55! I was so tickled.

Aim for $400, get $305. I was happy. Of course, we didn't leave the store without me asking "Are you sure that's the lowest you can go" at least two more times. Can't blame a girl for trying.

I'll admit the unexpected haggling at the end was the most fun I ever had furniture shopping. Hopefully, I won't be stepping into a furniture store again for a long time.


Jackie said...

Beautiful. I love the sofa! Your haggling was artfully done as well. Congratulations!

steelebjm said...

As much as you hate buying furniture, I'd like to hire you to buy some for me with those mad skillz you have. ;)

Kristen said...

That looks JUST like my grandpa's chair that we weren't ever allowed to sit in.


islandgirl said...

Nice going Adhis, I hate haggling for prices, way to show us how to do it!

Kristen said...

I love your new pictures at the top. You have a little rugrat! They're so cute when they SIT there and play. And poop.