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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Favorite Things Party IV

(What's a Favorite Things party? See here.)

Oh- I was horrific about documenting this year's par-tay. Something about headache and pregnant and being fat and uncomfortable. (Man, oh man, this pregnancy is much more challenging than the last one!)

This year's gala was held at the home of the lovely Diane. I swear she reverse-ages! You wouldn't guess she's only a couple years shy from her big 6-0.

It was awesome seeing people who no longer live in the 'hood, where this tradition originated: Becky from Mississippi (how I miss hearing her accent... Baykee frum MEH-sehseh-pee), cryogenically-preserved Diane, of course, and Erin who's living in Mexico (or might as well be, Miss Busy-Bee-3rd-Grade-Teacher).

There were some sweet deals at the exchange, and I was so bummed when I realized I had forgotten to take photos!
I brought charcoal barbecue grills that technically fit into the $5 category. (They were originally $25 each but were being clearanced for the end of summer.) I came home with the meanest DVD movie, a beer stein filled with yummies and cocoa mix, and a pillow encased in a gorgeous pillowcase the talented Kristen "just whipped up" earlier that day. (Seriously, that girl has some mad thread skillz, as evidenced by this, this, and this.) (My feelings didn't hurt at all when she laughed as a result of me telling her it took me two weeks to make a potholder.) (They didn't hurt when she paused in her laughter to ask if I was making it a special shape and she bust a gut when I said, "yes, a square.") (Sniff.)

(Here's Christi checking out Kristen's handiwork. On the right, Carrie is walking at warp speed.)

We missed those of you who were not able to come this year, but it was also nice to be in a more intimate setting. There's talk of doing next year's Favorite Things Party in the spring, so get your thinking bonnets on!


Kristen said...

Little cuties in wagons are one of MY favorite things. Can I have her?

TheOrttFamily said...

um I guess my invite just got lost in the mail???
Thanks! Looks like some cool crafty gifts.

Adhis said...

Vanessa, it should have gone to your email; Erin sends them out. Does she have your latest address?

TheOrttFamily said...

Probally not..I dont even think I have hers. I feel like I have lost touch with everyone..and most of you all live only like 10 houses away..growing kids, see what they do to you, they take over your world!! hehe

Kat said...

I loved your commentary on the Favorite Things Party. It truly was a blast!

islandgirl said...

oooh, thanks for documenting this, I wondered what I missed, sounds like a great night!