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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Signs that I'm Pregnant

There have been some days lately where I get out of bed, clip my cell phone to my underwear and call it good. Yes, I do.

Now, that you have that picturesque info...

I've been going through weird cravings this pregnancy. With Baby Dhis, I randomly craved gummy worms, ice cream, and Doritos. This time around... ooh, boy.

Recently, I was texting my husband while he was at work. I was going through another craving and NEEDED him to leave work NOW and come home WITH FOOD. But I did not know what I wanted. David kept asking and this was finally my reply:

I want the burritos my parents bought at Sam's Club when I was in high school.

See, now, is that so hard? I just wanted him to get into a time machine that takes him to Florida 15 years ago and get a warehouse club membership.

It was a while before he responded with:
The guys at work got a kick out of that comment!

Laugh it up, guys. Laugh it up.

This is what I finally "settled" for:
  • One small cheeseburger from McDonald's.
  • From Taco Bell, tacos ("some crunchy, some soft") and tater tots.
  • From the grocery store, frozen burritos, veggie burgers, whole-grain bread and Drumstick ice cream cones.

Knowing my abhorrence for fast food joints, David was quiet on the phone, then asked, "Is this Adhis?"

He arrived home, exhausted from his many stops on the way home. Wouldn't you know it??? The burritos Dave "just grabbed" at the store were THE SAME ONES from Florida/high school/15 years ago! Different packaging, same manufacturer, same burritos! WAHOOOO!

When I need him, my husband really comes through, even through time.

Here are some other signs that I'm pregnant:
  • I feel nauseous.
  • I am thinking of crackers.
  • I am eating crackers.
  • I am sick of crackers.
  • I am bloated from too many crackers.
  • I've gained 10 pounds in two weeks.
  • I've lost much of my vanity.
  • I am tired.
  • I am sleeping in a nest of pillows (although I never stopped this since the last pregnancy, much to David's chagrin.)
  • I am about to take a nap.
  • I just woke from a nap.
  • I'm dreaming about a nap.
  • My bed is full of cracker crumbs.
  • Judge Alex is in my dreams, and he loves me dearly, but he's afraid of marriage.
  • I want food.
  • I want Doritos.
  • I want ice cream.
  • Maybe not.
  • The thought of eating nauseates me.
  • The thought of making a meal exhausts me.
  • The dishes are piled in the sink.
  • The clean clothes are piled in the laundry room.
  • The dirty clothes are piled on the closet floor.
  • The towels are piled in the bathroom.
  • The baby's toys are piled in my office.
  • I don't want to wear clothes.
  • Clothes suck.
  • I want to go outside without having to actually go outside.
  • I am having flashbacks from my last labor.
  • I want a doula-midwife who's a doctor that will deliver me in an exact replica of my bedroom at the hospital.

There are a few more, but I think now you know I'm pregnant.

Oh, and there's this:


Mariah said...

Yay! I get to be the first to comment on this post. If I had a penny for every minute I spent ruminating on food/sleep/nausea and that non-descript disgusting taste that was always in my mouth during my four pregnancies I would be a wealthy woman. The hardest part is not that it lasts forever, it's that it FEELS like it lasts forever. Hang in there, you're doing great. Love you.

Kristen said...

The baby's got it made - the lunchbox is as big as he/she is!

Love the burrito story. You DO realize that you don't have to eat everything you crave? The baby will turn out fine if you resist. =o)

Sheree said...

I never ate at McDonalds until I was pg with Monet, and suddenly that little pickle in the middle of their flat little cheeseburgers was all I wanted. Oh, and Ben and Jerry's. It was bad! And I always wanted Doritos, but then the onion flavor would make me sick. And with Doritos, you just can't brush away the taste. If you eat them, you'll wake up the next morning still tasting the Doritos. Yuck. Don't do it.

Sarah said...

Ah crazy food cravings. I think I ate oranges for a week straight when I was pregnant with Dale. And don't even get me started on McDonalds french fries.
If it makes you feel any better, I'm a little jealous of you. Not that I miss the food cravings, exhaustion and nausea, but I just want another baby SO BAD! Grrrr...

Lyns said...

Yep. You're pregnant. At this point (with a 4 month old) I'm really not missing it. :) That is all too fresh in my mind.

lance, miss, & my said...

I had a midwife that had been a doula! it was fabulous.:) the room that I gave birth in wasn't like my bedroom, though. bummer.:)

Jackie said...

When I was pregnant with Joshie I craved tortilla chips w/ guacamole, coke, ice cream w/skor bars. I gained 50 pounds. Avoid that.

Nathalie Smith said...

Girl, simmer, simmer on those cravings!!!!! Or you will look like umpa, umpa, umpa-dee-doo!!!! LOL!

Kat said...

LOL, I totally understand the cravings. With Caden, I could have eaten Taco Bell 24/7 and been a happy woman. :) Good luck with things. They will get better soon.

Anderegg & Co. said...

Congrats! I craved TGI Friday's salad....they don't even carry it anymore. It's OK, I kind-of got sick of it. Now I crave their Seseme Jack Chicken...and I'm not even pregnant!