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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Search for a Sofa

You may remember this little thing I did. I've been looking for replacements ever since (with a month off to lie dizzy and exhausted in bed).

But finally yesterday, I found in the KSL classifieds the living room set I have been wanting!

You know what happens when you find the thing you want on KSL. Someone else finds it first. I have been BUMMED ever since.

This has happened several times during my sofa search, which is several times too many considering how challenging it is to find something nice in the classifieds.

Oh, not that there aren't a plethora of options!

(Disclaimer: I am accepting the risk of offending some friend or neighbor out there who, I am unaware, has an exact copy of one of these sofas in their home. If you have such a sofa, I love you. I don't love your couch. Kiss kiss.)

~ Fancy castle furniture

I actually do think this furniture is pretty. I just have no place in my current home for castle, Southern plantation, or vampire furnishings.

~ The Let-Me-Tell-You-Just-How-Good-A-Deal-This-Is furniture

"Purchased in April for $3000 for our Park City home... will discount $1200. "
Thanks, but a discount on your bad judgment does not equate a deal for me.
Although this style only debuted 4 or so years ago, is there any wonder why I found on this day 3 different people getting rid of this EXACT style?

Maybe it wouldn't be so bad if it were in 80's turquoise and hot pink...

~ Those titled as "Lovely" or "Beautiful" by a sweet little grandma.

~ A half-step above dumpster-diving

For only $150, this little jewel could be yours!

Then, there are sofas that create categories all their own:

I think if I was Elton John I'd like these.

(Yes, those are purple. Yes, there are sequins involved.)

I stared and stared but I still was unable to see the hidden 3D image.

I stared and stared but I was still unable to see the couch.

Hello, Couch? The 1970s called. Bobby Brady wants his pants back.

Hopefully, I will find something soon. The pregnant woman needs a place to chill.

[Posted song: "Bobby Brady Pants" by Sha-pink]


Joyful Mother of Children said...

That leather living room set is the EXACT style I have on my dream board...great taste!

Nathalie Smith said...

You always make me laugh sis!! Thanks. We should really get together more often for crying out loud we are sisters!!!!! Oh ya, I remember you are sick, but I know you will like food so come over for lunch sometime. But, tell me first.

Sarah said...

I'm so offended Adhis! How could you mock that first couch? I have that! It's up at our vacation home in Transylvania.

Kristen said...

I have a caption for the brown leather but I'll keep it to myself.

Good luck!

Cindy said...

I especially like the camo couch...It totally blends in with the wall. That's an awesome find.

Adhis said...

Aubrey: Of course, I do.

Nat: Of course, I will.

Sarah: Please, don't bite me.

Kristen: Is it "poop with rivets"?

Cindy: Who wouldn't want to sit on the peak of a mountain?

Shana said...

I just laughed my guts out!!! LOL BUAHAHAHAHAH....
I needed that laugh after your doggie post! Thank you!