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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Food Follow-Up

Remember this movie trailer?
Did you watch the movie? What did you think? Has anything changed?

I liked Food Inc. a whole lot more than I thought I would and highly recommend it! (Bring a tissue.)

Just when I thought I had heard it all and knew what this documentary would be about, it covered a whole other spectrum I was completely unaware of.

If any of these questions surprise or intrigue you, go watch the movie!

Ever wonder why the food you buy is priced as it is?
Why does it cost more to buy the makings of a salad over a box of cereal?

Did you ever think "someone should patent this banana"?
What if someone did -- and you could no longer grow your own bananas without facing stiff fines and possibly jail time?

What if your child became sick or died from eating uninspected food?
Would the Food & Drug Administration step in and make sure it didn't happen again? If they didn't, what would you do? Did you know the FDA does not have the power to close meat processors that distribute contaminated meat?

Did you know, depending on the state you live in, it's against the law to criticize the food industry?
What if you knew for sure a food was unsafe? How would you warn others?

Have you ever heard "every fruit in the season thereof"?
What do you think that means?

How do you feel about illegal immigration?
What if you found that illegal immigration is allowed to an extent on purpose?

Do you know anyone who has to pay hundreds of dollars a month for medication?
How do you think it is related to their grocery budget?


It's playing for only a little while longer:

If you are outside of Utah, check out for a theater near you.

(The opening credits of Food Inc.)


Jackie (updated profile) said...

Seriously, it was horrifying. That poor little old man pushed around by the big food industries, and taken to court, really hurt me. It was an eye opening experience.

Nathalie Smith said...

I want to see it now!

Kristen said...

Couldn't get my volume to work and there aren't any showings near me. Phooey.

Some of the things you wrote surprise me though, because of the fact that they surprise you. I guess it comes from living in an agricultural area...

Adhis said...

Kristen, No, the questions I wrote aren't about the things that surprised me; they're just some of the things the movie covered.

Nathalie, totally go! Have Dad take the fam.

Jackie, that was one of the angriest points for me. Holy crap, seriously??

Sheree said...

This looks like something Jared and I would love. We are definitely going to go see it soon. I need something to scare me away from the junk food. :)

Adhis said...

BTW, in our area, I think it is only playing until Sept 10th.

bananaberry128 said...

i love this post!