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Monday, August 17, 2009

Rags to Bags

From the Fast Life (20 July)

Despite all the random things I seem to try, this project surprised even me. It's a little out of character for me.

I took three of David's old T-shirts (with his permission), cut off the sleeves, cut the collar wider, then sewed up the bottoms of the shirts closed.

TAH-DAH! Reusable shopping bags!
(Re-use before you recycle!)

Of course, since Dave wears size XL, these are XL shopping bags, great for carrying 24-count packs of toilet paper and a dozen loaves of French bread. A size "Medium" is probably the best size for my shopping.

I stamped these shirts with the word "green." When the buzzword falls out of favor, then I will cut up a blue shirt and stamp it with the word "blue", and no one will be the wiser. ;)

I cut the neck on this yellow shirt a lot deeper than I would prefer because I couldn't bear to cut through the beloved phrase printed on the shirt. I then sewed the phrase onto the finished bag.

So as not to waste, you can use the sleeves to deck out your little elves.

I DID take the bags with me on my next shopping trip and -- heck yes-- I used them (to the confusion and inconvenience of my cashier) but --heck yeah-- I did it and --heck yeah-- I'll do it again. I found a surprise benefit to using these new old bags: They are really comfy to sling on my shoulder. I carried the groceries inside my house with comfort and ease.

Had I a group of tree-hugging, organic-shopping fashionistas for friends, I'd totally be cool. If only I hadn't stamped these bags with the paint made from dolphins...


Kristen said...

I reuse so many grocery sacks that if I made a reusable bag, I'd have to start buying plastic sacks. No sense in that, eh?

Jackie (updated profile) said...

great idea! And they make a great diaper bag. My mother in law made me a bag out of Capri sun juice packets. I'd rather have a t shirt bag though.

Sarah said...

You'll always be cool to me. Dolphin paint or no dolphin paint.

Nathalie Smith said...

Good for you! Now, did you get your 5 cents off each bag you used? most store do this for ya!

Adhis said...

What??? Never heard this. Heck, if that's true, I can justify the occasional candy bar!

Kat said...

Love the bags! :)