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Monday, August 24, 2009

Creepy Caller

My husband was setting up my new Google Voice number for work and decided to test it out. He left me a sweet message. Press play, and listen to it. What do you hear him say?

In case you can't understand the message. GoogleVoice conveniently provides a transcript of each call. Imagine my shock and confusion when I logged into my account and saw this note in my call log:

Hi Kurt, you're really sexy. I love you i want to give you two sons. Bye.


Sarah said...

That's awesome. I think I'm going to call you Kurt now.

Jackie (updated profile) said...

that is hilarious. Love it. Although, I'm blushing a little.

Heidi said...

Hey Kurt - congrats on the twin boys you are carrying!

Kristen said...

I think the real message was just as creepy. =o)

(Gra)Ma Adhis said...

I guess i understand David more than I thought. (That is scary to me)
I heard exactly what he meant and I could hear his bashful self.
I didnt scroll down enough before I heard so I wasn't tainted with creepiness.
I think the transcript lacks the human (David) touch.
Still I'd like to acknowledge the two of you for keeping your relationship fresh and new every day. :)