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Sunday, July 5, 2009

Water Challenge- Day 8 - THE END!

"I believe in getting into hot water - it helps keep you clean."
G.K. Chesterton

Man, that took FOREVER!
I don't think I'll do a blog challenge in the same manner next time. That was looooooong.

It's over! How'd you do?
  1. I learned that I indeed eat less junk when I am hydrated. Otherwise, I just keep craving and craving and craving until I realize "wait- I'm thirsty."
  2. I also realized that I definitely need more than 8 cups. I kept waking up at night wanting to drink more water.
  3. I also found that when I was experiencing allergies or feeling a little sick, drinking lots of water totally made me feel better!

What did you learn about yourself?


Kat said...

Congrats on accomplishing your goals. I need to drink more water. I haven't been on my computer for a while as we've been helping my brother move and remodel a house. So I missed your week. But congrats to you and maybe I'll try it this week. :)

Englishfam said...

I've come to realize that I can do anything I set my mind to. Being specific with your goal is SOO helpful too to have something to aim for. Great challenge Adhis! Where's my dollar? :)

sarahandtim said...

and living in the desert, too, makes me drink waaaaay more water than ever before. my little kitty cat is thirsty every five minutes. since she's a feline, i'm sure she's very in tune with her body. here's to h20!

Jackie (updated profile) said...

you are just completely insane, but well hydrated to say the least.

Kristen said...

I learned that I'm kind of a water snob.

Do you realize that it's been one year and two days since I last saw you? I guess Lehi doesn't need us after all.

Nathalie Smith said...

yummy, yummy water! Lost 3 pounds from just doing this little challenge!