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Sunday, June 21, 2009

We Got the Beat

Madonna's "Lucky Star" has been playing in my head for the last 2 days. This is why...

80's party!
to celebrate the birthdays of Summer, Aubrey, Kim, and Marcella!

Oh, man! It was a total time warp experience. Do you remember jelly bracelets, shutter shades, oversprayed bangs, scrunchies, pegged jeans? What about Smurfs, Punky Brewster, Big League Chew, Sixteen Candles, He-Man, and The Bangles? We covered them all!

I'm not sure which is sadder:
that only two months ago I finally got rid of some jewelry from middle school that would have been perfect for this party


that I didn't have to buy or borrow a single thing for my "costume."

The skirt is from 8th grade. The dog collar, the long chain, the belt, the earrings are from high school. Everything else is from my "modern" closet.

You can buy my cassette in thrift stores near you...

Do you know what surprised me the most? I thought for sure I'd get my hair higher, but I found out that my hairspray finger wore out quick after years of non-use. I could not replicate the height I sported years ago and that's when it hit me that I must have used a WHOLE LOT more hairspray back then than I remembered. I bet the freakin' hole in the ozone layer can be solely traced to the use of Aqua Net during the Reagan administration!

We played 80's trivia in which we guessed the top 10 movies/shows/candy of the 80's. As the game went on, the age gap between some of the girls became apparent. The older ones were shouting their guesses with glee followed by squeals of "oh my gosh, I loved them!" The younger girls sat quietly not having a clue as to what to offer as a guess. (I thought I'd cash in my retirement account when Marcella said she had to Google 80's fashion to find out what it was. Girl was born in 1985!)

We enjoyed prizes of slinky bracelets, Pop Rocks and other assorted retro candy. Kat made three birthday cakes. Go, Kat!

We had 3 finalists for costumes.

... and look what resurfaced... again...


At least, I got a Rubik's Cube.

[Posted songs: "Lucky Star" by Madonna, and "We Got the Beat" by The Go-Go's]


chelon:) said...

that looks like so much fun! the outfits gave me a giggle :)

Heidi said...

wow, what a bunch of weird-os! I can only imagine you guys cruising the streets getting all sorts of confused looks. Sorry I couldn't be there, I LOVED the 80's! (And yes, I remember them).

islandgirl said...

Sounds like it was fun, don't have an idea what I would have worn to be 80's, lol, but I love your remarks about the older girls and younger ones! I'd be an older one :)

Jackie (updated profile) said...

I was so sad I was unable to go. I was otherwise engaged last weekend as you know.

Kristen said...

Um. I remotely remember my older sisters TALKING about some of those things. So I was a wannabe 80's girl I guess. I was BORN in 1980 so give me a little credit. I would have liked the party cake at least.

Kat said...

Adhis, you are awesome! I love this post. Thanks for being such a great sport, and I have found myself visiting your page over and over just to hear the fun music. You rock! Let me know when your CD is released. I will be first in line. :)

sarahandtim said...

That's so crazy! Love your wild costume!