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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Water Challenge- Day 3

Ta-dah! I drank 8 glasses of water on Monday! But it was easy to remember since David and I went out on a HOT date. Seriously, it was hot. We went to the batting cages at 2pm and there was no shade to be had at the aged establishment.

Thirst was an annoying backseat 7-year-old on a road trip ("Have you drank yet? Have you drank yet? Have you drank yet? Have you ...") constantly poking me on the shoulder throughout the day.

(Check out the hottie in the pink shirt!)

We did assist the water in cooling us off by chasing it with a cold stone, of sorts.
(This was Dave modeling the goods, being "edgy" instead of "commercial.")

Then, we tried to heat the date up again by checking out this little shop.

To be honest, it wasn't as cool hot as we thought it would be.
But I do recommend the interesting little consignment shop next door called Mona Lisa's.

A priest, a rabbi and a minister are fishing in a canoe on a lake. The priest says, "I'm gonna get some sodas," steps out of the canoe onto the water, and walks to shore. A short time later, he walks back with a 6-pack. The minister cannot believe his eyes.

After some drinks, the rabbi says, "I need to take a leak." He stands up, steps onto the water, walks to shore, uses the bathroom by the docks, and walks back. The minister is mad with curiosity but doesn't want the others to know he's surprised.

Well, the minister decides to try it himself. He announces, "I'm going to get some sandwiches!" and steps off the boat. SPLASH! He falls into the water.

The priest turns to the rabbi and says, "Do you think we should tell him where the stepping stones are?"

So, how did YOU do on your hydration yesterday? How is today going?

(If you are just now tuning in, we are drinking 8 cups of water each day through this coming Sunday. Start today!)


Aubrey said...

I think I got 3.5 cups yesterday. This isn't as easy as I thought it would be...

Nathalie Smith said...

I did awesome yesterday! 64 oz! Today I am almost there 52 oz so far. So I will make it!!

Kristen said...

I think Dave scared me away from ever eating at Cold Stone again.

You should all try drinking pure Idaho water. It's almost so yummy that it's sweet. Yeah I'm a weirdo but I have NO problem drinking the 8 glasses.

Adhis said...

I used to be really good at it. Then, stuff happened, and apparently, it didn't involve water.