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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Water Challenge- Day 1


"I think drowning would be a horrible experience.
But it would probably be less horrible if right before... you were really thirsty.
That's why when I swim, I bring pretzels."

Demetri Martin

Have you heard the phrase "Water, water everywhere and not a drop to drink"?
In my house it's bottles of water, water everywhere, and I forget to drink.

I need to hydrate! The weather got warmer and I began drinking less water... because I've always been jealous of really old people with their wrinkles and their discounts and their quaint little sayings. Am I the only one?

How do you remember to drink 8 cups of water a day? I actually need to be drinking 9, but I will go ahead and start with the often-spouted eight.

Here's the challenge, should you choose to accept it:
drink 8 cups of water throughout the day for 8 days.
(That's 64 ounces per 24-hour period.)

If you want to drink more (you're supposed to drink at least half your body weight in ounces of water), then do it. But post here when you've done your 8!

1) Don't catch up on your water after 7pm or you will cut into your sleep. (Unless you are a sleep-urinator.) (And a sleep laundry-doer.)

2) Drink from a wide-mouth container even if you have to unscrew the cool squirty thing. It will help you gulp the serving down faster.

Each day this week, I will ask how you are doing, and you let me know how you are doing: Yea or Nay. The last day of the water challenge is next Sunday.

Ready, Set, Gulp!


Lyns said...

I'm in!

Aubrey said...

Maybe I will get less headaches if I drink the water I'm supposed to be drinking. I'm in too!

Sarah said...

Sounds cool.

I LOVE Demetri Martin btw.

Nathalie Smith said...

Ok! i will do it too! Drink water as I type!

Kristen said...

Funny thing... I made this goal awhile back. 8 cups a day. I did it and felt like I was drowning. Then I realized that my "cup" was actually a 12 ounce glass. That's right... 92 ounces a day. Not all cups are created equally.

Well they are if you measure right.