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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Totally Self-Gratifying Post

Or Totally Ego-Demolishing Post.

(Depending on how things go.)

Ok, leave a comment that is nice (and true) about me! You cannot repeat what someone else has posted.

All commenters get a bribe prize from me!

The prize is... um... probably something random from my house.
Or a love letter. Or an emu. Or soap. Or a sticker. (Everyone loves stickers!)
I make no promises as to what it may be but can assure you that it will be:
  1. a THING!
  2. a surprise! Even to me!
(If you don't live in my current neighborhood, send your mailing address to to be sure I have it.)

All qualifying comments must be posted by Monday, June 15th.
Prizes will be sent out by the following week.


Marie said...

I never do these leave-a-comment-things because I'm not too witty, but leaving a nice comment about you is an easy one. :) There are a lot of things I admire about you! But to name a couple . . . I admire your inner confidence. You have sense of security about yourself and who you are. And then you very perceptively watch others, and pass pieces of that confidence on to them as you genuinely comment and compliment on their strengths. You are a builder and I love that about you!

Englishfam said...

There are so many things I could say, but probably my favorite thing about you is your humor. You are so hilarious and can always get me to crack a smile even if I am in a bad mood!

Sarah said...

I agree with both comments. But my nice thing will be -you're hot. It's true. You've got great features and gorgeous hair. Whig thinks so too. (Not in a creepy way though. If he sees someone who he thinks is pretty or who has nice hair or whatever, he'll say so. And he's always thought you're a babe.) Cuz you are.

Sorry if I weirded you out just now.

Marcella said...

You can't lie if you life depended on it! You always say what is on your mind which makes a GREAT friend because you always want to hear the truth!Well at least I do. Thanks for being honest.

Kat said...

I love how you love your family. It is wonderful to see/read how much fun you have with them and that you care so much for them. Your husband and daughter are two VERY lucky people to have you in their lives. :) You would do anything for them.

Sunni said...

You're a gifted writer. I don't know how your brain comes up with this stuff.

Sheree said...

I agree, you are such a talented writer. I've sent many of my friends over here to read all of your funny posts. But more than that, I love that you are a thinker. Along with that wit and humor is a very thoughtful and interesting person who is open minded, creative, and honest.

Erin said...

Lets start with my gift... I know what I want from you. To keep calling me even if I don't find the time to call you back. Then lets get together and chat. As for the endocrinologist - forget her name and I will find it out.
Now, that we have that out of the way... Yes, mine is a little spiritual but that is a good quality, right. I love that you are willing to ask for blessings. So, many are not willing. I love your faith!!

Joyful Mother of Children said...

I have to say I completely agree with all of the above statements about you. As for me? I have many things to say about you, but I'll only list a couple...I don't want it to go to your head. LOL

You are inspiring! You make me want to be a better person, and I think I have become a better person since you have been in my life. You see the best in me, and in everyone for that matter.

You care so much for people. You want them to be the best they can be and will do whatever is within your ability to help them get there. You are amazing!

I love you and I'm so grateful you are my friend. (Now when do I get that 20 bucks you promised???)

Jackie (updated profile) said...

Oh Adhis... I love your confidence, although I know someone already posted that. I love your appreciation for the fine art of sarcasm. You embrace it so fully that it is a part of who you are. I also love that you will give me $50 as my gift, for that will show your undying generosity to your fellow man.

chelon:) said...

i have to go with your witty humor!! i love reading your blog. keep 'em coming! you are super talented.

(Gra)Ma Adhis said...

I did write a BEAUTIFUL comment before don't know why it did not post.
It went something like this; (give or take).
I have been blessed to have shared my life with you.
You taught me how to be a mother.
You trot along with me, in my hardest trails.
You lift me up when I am down.
You inspire me to smile even when you frown.
I dont need a prize I am just happy to have your love.

Kristen said...

I often feel frustrated at the end of a conversation because of people talking AT me. Maybe I'm too good of a listener.

But with you I always come away feeling like you cared about what I said. Validated. Like maybe I even contributed something to your life or the conversation or our friendship. I always come away smiling.

Your laugh is the best. How long has it been since I've seen you, and I can still hear it. Will you quit laughing at me?!?!?

AND you have a confidence that radiates to other people instead of detracting from them.

Since others are requesting their personalized gifts, I would like a hug please, delivered to my house.

Sara Lynes said...

What has everyone not said about you? you really are all of these wonderful things. One, (there are many), things that I love most about you is that you are so faithful in full-filling your callings. I will never forget the wonderful, loving, kind teacher you were for Hyrum. You are the ones who really taught him that he is literally a child of God. I know that I should be able to say it was me, but I really think that the repetition y'all did with the mirror in Sunbeams changed his perspective. I remember the day my "little" 3 year old sat on my couch in my appartment in Orem and said, "I am a child of God, (insert look of wonder here), Noah is a child of God, Mommy is a child of God, etc..." He just went on and on realizing that everyone is a child of God. Now no matter what, you have not only empowered him with that truth, but me to. I know, that no matter what, when I look in the mirror, fat or small, that I am a Child of God. You are wonderful in so many ways. This is the one that I will never forget. I love you Adhis. Thank you for being my friend!


Brandi said...

I know these have already been said, but A) they were the very first things that came to mind before I read anyone else's comments, so I'm not really stealing them and B) I don't know you. I only blog stalk you from the deep South.

But, I think you're a very talented and humorous writer and I think you have great hair. You can give my prize to Sarah M. I stalk you via her blog.


The Silvia Family said...

You are who you are without apology. I love that! Also, you inspiring and motivating.

Amy said...

Oh, Adhis there are so many I cannot narrow it down! I love everything about your personality and humor! But, I thought of kinda superficial one, but still true none the less, that nobody else wrote...
I love your hair! Im often jealous of how think and full your's is when mine is fine and wimpy! Honestly love the hair! It is one of the first things I noticed about you!

Adhis said...

OK, Random Thing from Adhis' House prizes have been delivered to all those living in my neighborhood. If you haven't received yours yet, check your front door!

Random Thing from Adhis' House prizes to those out-of-city or out-of-state are ready to be dropped off at the post office tomorrow (right after I mortgage the house to pay for shipping).

Thank you everyone for your uplifting messages!

Adhis said...

Oh, and by the way, the things range in age from 25 years old to 6 months old. So, if your thing has a musty smell, you should keep it for when Antiques Roadshow comes around again.