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Friday, June 19, 2009

Topless Friday

It's Friday, so bring on the topless photos!
(These are the only time you will see topless photos of me online. )

I had an allergy skin test at the allergist's office last week.

Here's the test on a non-allergic person.

Here's the test on a mildly allergic person with synchronized "backne."

Here's me.

Weeeeeee! You haven't lived until your back is on fire! (You're not allowed to scratch it or touch it.)

The photos represent about 15 minutes of lying on my stomach. One of my allergy pricks continued to worsen after the test, sending a streak around my side and towards my belly. That was kinda cool-looking.

Dave decided that it was imperative to have a pencil in the photos to give perspective. You will see, compared to the pencil, my back is much redder!

They tested me for 41 things, and I am allergic to all of them.... grass, trees, animals, air. The allergist put the results in a calculator and out came a little piece of paper with the message "You are a allergic to life" printed on it. We will be putting our home on the market and moving to Egypt. (Hopefully, I'm not allergic to pyramids.)

The allergist was telling me about an inhaler that caused less body quakes than others when I replied, "oh good, I was concerned since I'm a heart surgeon" and then I mimicked me holding a scalpel and shaking. The doctor immediately paused as he tried to take in my vocational dilemma. I laughed and he realized I was joking. Ah, good times. (Is it not always obvious when I'm joking?)

Anyhoo, I was sent home with my pharmacy franchise starter kit for the low, low price of a co-pay. It won't be long before I will be able to resume my neighborhood walks; I just need to pickup my new outfit.


Walker Family said...

Ohhh, I remember having that test done in High School! I was tested for about 56 different things and wasn't allergic to 4 of them! I had been taking Steroids for years for my "Asthma", that it turned out I didn't have. So I stopped taking the roids, started getting bi-weekly allergy shots, lost 10 pounds, and realized I don't naturally have a muscular physique. Who knew? I will say this for the allergy test, it ranks number two in my list of worst medical tests ever performed on my person.

Sara Lynes said...

If you were allergic to all of those things you should consider being tested for food allergies too. Untreated food allergies can cause auto-immune diseases. Unfortunately treatment is abstaining from those foods. Noah is allergic to everything outdoors and indoors and Singulair works really well for him. He has asthma too. When Noah was tested he got up off of the table and ran around the room squealing saying, "it's itchy!!!" repeated for about 15 minutes.

chelon:) said...

too funny! not that your allergic to everything, but funny because i can totally picture you in a bubble ball ;)

(Gra)Ma Adhis said...

Wow !
Thank you for putting up with all those allergies while you lived with me.
I am sorry it was that way. I remember picking up the piles of tissue from every where you sat around the house.
I was not fun to pick them up.... I am sure it was 2 X not fun feeling that way.

Keri said...

All I have to say is... wow that sucks! :(

islandgirl said...

I was wondering what Topless Friday was! I can't believe you're allergic to everything, lol! So, this doesn't test for food allergies? How do you test for food allergies then?

Heidi said...

I'm sitting here trying to come up with something witty...nope. I got nothing. Sucks to be you, bubble girl.

Amannda Ashby said...

Wow, is all I can say. I have only experienced having food allergies tested on Bonnie, and I think they only did nine. How crazy for you. The test looks painfull, but I would figure that the real pain is dealing with living with allergies every day. Good Luck. I hopet that you are able to live more comfortably here on out!

JennyFer said...

Oh my gosh, sorry Adhis, but you make me laugh. Poor girl, really does suck to be you :(

Adhis said...

The allergist didn’t bother testing for food allergies because he could deduce what foods I’d likely be allergic to by the pollen relationship to certain weeds. For example, people with a ragweed allergy may also get symptoms when they eat cantaloupe and banana. Basically, the doc said, “Be careful when eating bananas.”

So… my drugs still sit in their bag. I’m trusting my gut instincts that say I can reduce my symptoms by making some lifestyle changes. For now, I’m leaving the windows closed til grass season is over, keeping the dog out of my room, downing cough drops to soothe the itching in my mouth, and cutting down on sugar and cheese which make sensitivities more sensitive.

I'm a stubborn, itchy girl!

Kristen said...


Yeah you've made it this long through life. I'm always wary of drugs. The good news is that you're not just a hypochondriac =o) and the better news is that it's not something NEW to deal with - it just explains what you've already been putting up with. You're a trooper!

I just recovered from unexplained rash outbreak number 3. Maybe one of these decades we'll figure out what it is. Something related to Dove soap, Hawaiian Tropic sunscreen, and most shampoos. =o)

But now I know to cancel my appointment with the dermatologist next week because I AM NOT HAVING THAT TEST. Congratulations, you've cured me!

You think I'm joking...

Adhis said...

But it's fun! Yippee!

Kat said...
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Kat said...

Um yeah. Nothing funny to say bubble girl, except that you might have to find a seat in the back of the chapel as you won't fit in a pew. :) Remind me to walk behind you in the hallway too. :)