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Friday, May 1, 2009

This Little Piggy

It's that time again when we are reminded to check and double-check our personal food storage and emergency plans by some impending doom blaring through the media.

This little piggy went to market...
Slowly and nonchalantly get thee to the store and stock up on water, toilet paper, and candy (preferably Twizzlers and peanut M&Ms). Drop these off at my house.

Seriously, there's no need to hoard. Remember last year when grain prices skyrocketed? I was so ticked off when I went to buy rice at the store and there was none because fellow residents had emptied the shelves. Remember, if you buy it all, your neighbor won't have any and you'll end up sharing with them anyway and you will have paid for it all!

Inventory your current storage items and plug some holes, but don't go looney or broke doing it! Acquire some filling carbs, a little bit of protein, and plenty of water. Remember the toilet paper!

This little piggy stayed home...
In case of a massive outbreak, we may be quarantined or isolated for a period of time. How long will your supplies sustain you and your family? Do you have a plan or menu on how to most effectively use your inventory? Do you have alternate methods to cook or prepare your meals? What will you do for entertainment?

This little piggy had roast beef...
What's in your stash? Will you be living on green beans and ramen? Do you have a variety of foods to eat or will you have to force yourself to swallow a granola bar for the umpteenth time? What can you add to your supply that will make riding out the storm more comfortable? What comfort foods can you intermingle with the essentials?

This little piggy had none...

Many people have been laid off for months. Would you share if your neighbors needed provisions? Do you have enough to share? All scares come to an end so consider that you will want to be able to look your friends and neighbors in the eyes when all is back to normal.

And this little piggy went "weee-weee-weee!" all the way home...
If you are prepared, you are better positioned to have a positive outlook in uncertain times. What are some things you can do to help prepare yourself emotionally and spiritually for any catastrophe? What expression will your children see on your face in the midst of calamity? Will they see fear or peace?

OK, off to the store I go to acquire water and candy. We're dangerously low on both.

1 comment:

(Gra)Ma Adhis said...

It so TRUE we can't live without water or without comforting the sweet tooth.
Thanks for your words of wisdom. :)