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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Interesting things I did not expect from the weekend

I went to Phoenix for intensive training and networking over the weekend. Interesting things I did not expect:
  • Getting checked out by two TSA agents, a restaurant worker, and an airline pilot (the you're-cute kind of checkout, not the are-those-wires-in-your-sneakers checkout)
  • Being willing to bid up to $400 on an hour with a hunky millionaire associate (hey, it included the apron and chef's hat he was wearing and a tub of a yummolicious shake formulation not yet released by the company) (and the money was for charity) (and he was hot)
  • Making awesome connections with people from across the country
  • Missing my baby's chunky thighs
  • Confirming I do not sleep well in a big hotel room by myself
  • Experiencing the weirdness of eating at a restaurant by myself
  • (BAH-LETED!)
  • Missing my husband's hugs
  • Missing out on signing up the makeup artist from my video interview into my business team by one day
  • Becoming OK with attending a large event by myself
  • Uncovering that I can make friends anywhere
  • Realizing I rock


Utah_Dave said...

I missed giving you hugs.

Hey, I'll wear an apron and a chef's hat if you give me $400!

Jackie (updated profile) said...

Was Josh with you? He often gives up his religion for the freedom of liquor and infidelity. He's so out of control.

bananaberry128 said...

u had me at hunky millionare

Sarah said...

I always thought you were a bit shifty looking...

Oh, and did you win?

Adhis said...

The 3 previous millionaires went for $300-$400, but I was quickly outbid on Mr. Hunk. Two women bid it out to over $1200.

Kristen said...

I could have saved you a weekend and told you most of those things. =o)You didn't know YOU could make friends anywhere? Come on.

Okay you did surprise me on the 2nd one. Hmmm. I'd feel better about it if you had said UGLY millionaire. I'll make you an apron and hat for $400 and save you the shame. I think you owe it to Dave and the chunky thighs. I accept PayPal!