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Friday, May 15, 2009

Happy Mop Day!

It's that time of year when we hunt down our mops, rinse the dust off and smear semi-clean water across our floors! Aaah.... the citrus scents, the sunshine reflecting off puddles, the tip-toe dancing through the kitchen...

I'd celebrate Mop Day more often if there was a more enjoyable way to do so, but for now, it's an annual event.

I currently have 3 tools to clean the floor:

A handled hand brush to scrub around the stove and fridge.
(Yes, this involves getting down, not James Brown style.)

A 10-year-old brush off a Resolve kit.
I stuck it to the end of an old broom handle to scrub random spots on the floor I don't want to bend over for.

A sponge mop. We bought it when we were newlyweds.

The squeeze lever gave out years ago and now flops onto the floor, so there's a slight metallic drag accompanying the squish-slop of the sponge.

I also own a Libman Wonder Mop, but I haven't used it in probably four years. While it is truly great for absorbing spills, it makes the task of cleaning task-y. The company claimed it was "the thirsty mop." It is thirsty but not so much hungry and leaves dirt on the floor.

I once had a neighbor see my Libman and laugh: "We call it the white man's mop!"
(Honey, if there was such a thing as a white man who mops, I would have married him.)

She insisted, "Let me go get my mop. It cleans better than anything!"

She brought back this:

The stringy hair mop.

Hello?? This is the mop we're trying to GET AWAY FROM!

All of my mops are old and there are probably better designs today of each of them. It's time to get a GOOD one. I want to be able to celebrate next year's Mop Day with grace and satisfaction.

What do you guys have and recommend?


Heidi said...

I do not own a mop. I get down on my hands and knees once a week and spread the soapy water love that way. I like to sing like Cinderella as I do so...

TheOrttFamily said...

I use my feet and put them in rags and slide all over the floor. It's exercise and cleaning all in one. I have the kids do the baseboards.

Kristen said...

No, no, no, no, no!

I shudder at all previously mentioned methods. Tried them all. Thought they were good. Ew. Then I found GREAT. I mop our whole main floor every week... um, usually.

Are you curious? My mom showed me hers, I looked all over and then found it at... the smallest grocery store in the world.

It's a handle with a thing that snaps washcloths into place. Get them wet, squeeze out excess, mop, rinse, repeat, repeat, repeat. When you're done, toss the washcloths in with the laundry. All you have to store is a pole with a metal snappy thing at the end. Less than $10 TOTAL, will last forever, doesn't make a mess - I'll never switch.

Um my novel's done. Sorry.

Jackie (updated profile) said...

I have my boys just lick the floor. It works pretty well. I bring in the neighbors dog for the tough spots.

Jenn said...

I found a mop that is basically a giant magic eraser. I ended up taking it back due to the fact that the handle had issues. Although know I'm thinking of going and getting another one and drilling a screw through it to fix it. I loved how clean my floor looked and felt that one time I used it.
Kristen where is this small grocery store you found yours at?

Kat said...

Ok, I totally want Kristen's mop! Where did you get it, and what is it called? We just use the sponge mop with the scrubber on it. But I would like something better. Oh, the yucky string mop. I used one the other day and hated every minute of it.

Amannda Ashby said...

I have to leave a comment on this post. I have my FABULOUS rainbow. It vacuums up all my crumbs and dirt, and then I can mop with it and use it to suck up all the dirty water. When I am done all the dirt and yuck goes down my little white throne, and I am done. I LOVE it!